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Kosmos Mobile- The wonderful new smartphone brand from Nigeria

Kosmos Mobile

The brand smartphones from Apple, Samsung or Blackberry are charming and you speak a lot of them. But how about a smartphone designed by your own local countryman, well that is to be called superb..doing things out of the box or at least applaud.

A young Nigerian entrepreneur named Chris Ombeh fulfilled his dream of building “Nigeria’s top mobile phone product” and he is the founder and CEO of Kosmos Innovation International who has now a feather in his cap for building the new mobile phone names Kosmos.

A couple of Google searches after he made his decision to enter the business, Chris began consuming all the material he could find on mobile phone design. Soon enough, he made a trip to China, where he hooked up with the manufacturers who would eventually produce his designs.

So far, Kosmos mobile has built two major prototypes which you will really want to know more about.  Here are the details of these products, their specifications and what all you wish to understand about them.

Kosmos Mobile

The Kosmos Mobile has all the makings of a mid to high range device targeted at emerging markets. At 7.2mm, it is slightly thinner than the iPhone 7 Plus, yet it manages to pack a 5.5 inch FHD 1080p display. As expected, it has Dual SIM (LTE) capability. There’s also 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory (expandable) and an octa-core processor, all powered by a 2600 mAh non-removable battery.

At the back of the device you’ll find the 13MP main camera, powered by Sony. Just below there is the fingerprint sensor

Placing the fingerprint sensor behind, rather than in front, is the more logical option, as it aids one-handed unlocking also there’s a PIN unlock backup. The volume rocker and power button are placed to the right and the headphone jack at the top of the phone.  With the speakers and charging port at the bottom you can find the SIM tray to the left. You can manage to fit both SIMs and microSD into one tray.

Kosmos Mobile

With an octa-core processor and 1080p HD display to contend with, the battery will last for about four hours or so that is a bit flaw. Also the WiFi does go off intermittently, especially when screen is inactive, and you need to remind yourself it’s just a prototype.

The Kosmos Mobile  is a pretty decent phone all round, but is still in the prototype phase. Also despite some UX and design flaws, it holds a lot of promise. Kosmos  Mobile is currently on the lookout for investors (at the time of writing). So far, they’ve managed to garner interest from a Nigerian investor who might be willing to invest seed funding into the parent company, i.e Kosmos Innovation International. The plan is to launch 3 models this year (at the time of writing) which will cater to the high end at 70k and 2 other models priced 26k and 45k.

Kosmos Mobile

Chris’ long term plan is to have Kosmos Mobile “become the top mobile phone product in Nigerian and around Africa”. From all indications, he is in for the long haul. Having never really been in paid employment for a single day in his life, Chris left the UK, following completion of his first degree in Business Information, for Malaysia. There he co-founded two companies before moving back to Nigeria to found Kosmos Innovation Limited.

With such high ambitions for Kosmos Mobile, all you can do is patiently wait to observe how these phones work in future.