iPad Casinos

As quickly as the popularity of iPhones is growing, so are iPads. Apple users are loyal, and therefore deserve online platforms that will reward them with great game play and reliable use. Make sure you have all the correct information and software in order to choose the iPad casino that is right for you.

Things to consider with iPad casinos

  • Make sure the games you choose are accessible on different devices – this means you can switch between mobile phone, tablet and PC.
  • Safe and secure payments are vital. If you cannot be assured safe withdrawals and deposits – stay away. You are playing to win money, not throw it away.
  • A wide selection of great quality games will ensure you really enjoy your game play and never get bored.
  • Payout speeds – make sure that you wont be waiting weeks on end for your winnings to payout. Fast payouts are a great selling point of most of the big online casinos.
  • Customer service should be accessible at all times. Make sure the site you choose has a good reputation will their customer support.
  • Loyalty bonuses and sign up rewards are always a plus – check up on the bonuses your preferred site offers and make the most of these.

Benefits of iPad Casinos

There are actually quite a few benefits of using your iPad for casino games. Not only is it as portable as a mobile phone, but it offers the graphics and larger screen of a PC. This means you can enjoy the benefits of PC play in this handheld device. Being able to play anywhere (as long as you have internet connection) means you will never miss out on any bonuses or rewards. iPads also offer the satisfaction of knowing you are using a product of high quality and that you will be getting the most out of your game play. Many people are ditching real life casinos and enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their own home while still playing casino games.

iPads casino – better downloaded or played online?

Instant play is great for those who always have a reliable internet connection and don’t want to have a fixed app on their iPad taking up space. While it does have its benefits, internet play on an iPad may have slower loading times.

Downloaded apps on an iPad are really great to use. By downloading the app, you have access to it at a touch of a button and you can enjoy fast loading speeds and really high quality graphics. It will also feel as if you are gaming on a PC.

Your iPad FAQ’s answered

Can I still expect welcome bonuses if I use my iPad?

Of course. Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses irrespective of the device you are using. Keep an eye out for any special iPad bonuses though – some sites throw these out once in a while.

Can I use the same account as my iPhone?

Yes you can. Just make sure to check you are logged onto the right account when switching between your iPad and iPhone. By using the same account you will rack up some loyalty points on some sites and even be rewarded for this.

Will all my personal and banking details be secure?

As long as you make sure you play off of a secure server and use a trusted casino site, you won’t have to worry about your personal or banking details being leaked.

Do I still have a wide choice of casino games using an iPad?

You will be able to play the majority of the online casino games out there using your iPad. This makes it easy to link your accounts between different devices.

What do I need to play these games on my iPad?

Just like an iPhone, you will need your safari browser installed on your iPad and make sure you have a recent version of iOS installed. This will optimize all aspects of game play – graphics, speed and security.

If you want to be safe and read up further on how legal it is to use online casinos in South Africa and how regulated they are, have a read here by clinking on this link.

Best iPad casinos

Once you are confident you know what to look for – consider trying out our top iPad casino picks below:

1. Springbok Casino

springbok casino south africa

Springbok Casino is a leading name in the South African casino industry. Luckily, they extend their accessibility to iPads as well. You can easily switch between your iPad and iPhone using this site.

Great online rewards and sign-up bonuses

Offering worthwhile rewards to new members and loyal players, Springbok Casino knows how to attract new users and keep them.

New member bonuses include a onetime coupon to match their deposit 100% (up to R1500) and 2 coupons to match 50% (up to R5000). Supporting local will definitely see you through with this site, as their ongoing loyalty rewards are difficult to match.

Over 250 games to choose from

Slot machines, table games and mobile games are all in abundance with Springbok Casinos – who offer more than 250 different games. All easily accessible off of your iPad, you will never grow bored of this site. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest rewards and bonuses to ensure you don’t miss out.


Click to play at

One of the leading names in the online casino industry, offers great play and support to its users. One of the biggest attributes of this site is that by being connected to other casinos using Playtech software, some of their games are able to offer jackpots in the millions. Players will feel at ease with this site as it is secure and has one of the best customer supports out there.

Sign-up bonuses and loyalty rewards

If you are new to and are about to sign up, you are in for a treat. On becoming a new member, you will receive a 200% match bonus (up to R400) as well as 20 free spins. You will also be given 7 reload bonuses to use once your initial bonuses are used up!

If you have been a member on the site for a while, you will be offered monthly and weekly bonuses.

Easily access off of your iPad wherever you have internet connection. Check up on the latest games, bonuses and rewards practically anywhere, and have direct access to customer support..

The ease of use and great game play definitely make this one of the best online casinos for iPads.

iPads and online casinos

Enjoy the use of your iPad when out and about, and keep connected to your favourite casinos. Apple iPads are just as portable as mobile phones, but you aren’t restricted to mobile sites. What a bonus!