Immortal Romance Slots

Immortal Romance Slots
Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance Slots comes from the software developer, Microgaming. They are the leading developer of machines in online casinos. Immortal Romance uses the same base as Thunderstruck 2 does and is quickly becoming one of the most popular machines in online casinos.

How to Play Immortal Romance Slots

How to Play Immortal Romance
How to Play Immortal Romance
  • Usually, you start playing slot games by selecting your bet amount and pressing the spin button. You can start that way when you play Immortal Romance, but then you would miss out on one of the game’s unique features.
  • Instead, better you start by clicking the “view pays” button. The game will automatically open the paytable.
  • The main screen will show you how many coins you can win for each symbol. You can win payouts with multiple wild symbols, which is the game’s logo, or collect door knocker scatter symbols.
  • Each of the four characters represents the high-paying symbols, followed by the manor and the writing desk. Playing card symbols ace through nine are the low-paying symbols.
  • Of course, that information is crucial, but it’s not the part you need to see first.
  • When you click through the paytable screens, you will come to the Chamber of Spins screens. They will show how each character has different bonus features during the free spins bonus.
  • Underneath each character is a story button. Click on that button to read that character’s background story.
  • You can read all about the heroine Sarah; or Michael, the vampire who has lived through a lot in the past eight centuries. Troy is the power-hungry character, and Amber has a unique heritage that combines multiple mythical beings.
  • Some people might think this information doesn’t matter. Slot machine characters do not typically have essential backstories.

But the story is part of the excitement on the Immortal Romance casino slot. You will learn more about each character and how their stories intersect as the game goes on. None of that information will make sense if you don’t start by reading the characters’ backstories.

Once you have become acquainted with the characters, you can go back to the game to set your bet amount and start playing.

Wild Desire Bonus Feature In Immortal Romance Slots

Wild Desire Bonus Feature
Wild Desire Bonus Feature

The primary game of the Immortal Romance online slot machine has a standard 5×3 slot structure. You earn payouts based on three or more matching symbols on one or more of the 243 pay lines. 

Because the Immortal Romance real money slot has so many pay lines, it makes it easy to win. You can win a payout for any combination of symbols as long as they line up on adjacent reels from left to right.

One thing that makes Immortal Romance stand out is that it has a bonus feature on the base game. You don’t have to wait until you win free spins to start cashing in on bonuses.

The Wild Desire bonus feature is randomly triggered. You will know this bonus feature is coming because the music becomes more dramatic and animation begins while the reels are still turning.

This feature automatically turns one or more of the reels wild. One or two wild reels are the most common, but it is possible to turn all five reels wild.

Some people wonder how to win on Immortal Romance. The best way to win on the Immortal Romance casino slot game is to get multiple wild reels through the Wild Desire bonus feature.

This Wild Desire bonus feature is fantastic because extra wild symbols make it easy to collect significant payouts. The more reels that turn wild, the more your prizes will increase!

Immortal Romance Slots – Chamber of Spins Bonus Features

Chamber of Spins Bonus Features
Chamber of Spins Bonus Features

Immortal Romance slots has a unique progressive free spins feature called the Chamber of Spins. You can unlock new features by triggering the free spins feature multiple times.

When you get three or more door knockers to scatter symbols, you will enter the Chamber of Spins. Every time you enter the Chamber of Spins, you get to learn more about the character’s stories. This is one of the aspects we enjoyed the most while writing this Immortal Romance slot machine review.

Very few slot games have a progressive storyline like this. As the Reels Turn from Rival Gaming is one of the few other slots that reveal more about the story each time you trigger the bonus feature.

In the Immortal Romance slot, each character has its own free spins feature with an accompanying soundtrack. You have to work your way through them by visiting the Chamber of Spins multiple times.

The game’s software tracks how many times you have triggered free spins. If you log out and play the game again later, you can start where you left off. Once you have unlocked all four Chamber of Spins levels, you can choose which free spins feature you want for any subsequent bonuses.

If you have ever played Thunderstruck II from Microgaming, this structure of multiple bonus features will be familiar. It follows the same pattern but with a Norse mythology theme.

The Chamber of Spins allows you to earn free spins and extra bonus features. It also offers an incentive to keep playing because you want to get to the next level.

Microgaming did a magnificent job creating every detail of this bonus feature. They added parts of the story to the bonuses and created different soundtracks for each character.

About Immortal Romance Slots


Immortal Romance is a 5 reel machine that uses Microgaming’s unique system of having 243 ways to win. Instead of pay lines and confusing bets, Immortal Romance makes it much easier to play and understand what is going on. The unique winning combination feature is only one of the things that set this machine apart.

There are four main characters in this game – Amber, Troy, Michael and Sara. Getting these characters can help the player enter other features. The features of this game include free spins, multipliers, free spins and bonus features.

The lion symbol is the scatter symbol and takes the players to the free spins feature. There are four different free spins that are denoted by the four main characters. Players can win between 10 and 245 free spins. Additional features during the free spins can include retriggers, multipliers and a special wild symbol called the wild vine.

You can also win big with the Wild desire feature. This is a randomly triggered feature that gives players additional stacked wilds on the screen. The max jackpot can be won when the screen is full of wild symbols using this feature and will pay a total of 3,645,000 coins with a maximum bet.

When you combine the chance to win with the superior graphics and sounds of this game, it is easy to see why it is so popular.

Immortal Romance RTP, Variance & Technical Data

 RTP, Variance & Technical Data
RTP, Variance & Technical Data

Before we delve deeper into this mysterious game and take a closer look at all the fun features, we thought it would be a good idea to reveal the game’s technical data for you:

  • RTP: 96.86%
  • Layout: 5×3
  • Volatility/Variance: High
  • Paylines: 243
  • Bonus features: Free Spins, Scatters and Full-reel Wilds
  • Bets: 0.3 to 60
  • Max wins (coins): 3 645 000

Not only can you win big in this game, but the RTP is also significantly higher than the average of 96%. Immortal Romance has an RTP of 96.86%, which means the house edge is only 3.14%. Return to Player is the opposite of the house edge, and it tells you how much you can expect the slot to pay out in the longer run.

Yet another important thing to note is that this is a high-variance game, in fact, it’s one of the games out there with the highest volatility. That is the price you pay for big wins, so to speak, and you need some patience, and bankroll, to handle the fluctuation while waiting for the free spins features to hand you some serious cash.

Not unlike the mighty popular Twilight series, Immortal Romance is a dark and mysterious tale of romance and intrigue. Featuring 4 charismatic supernatural vampires – Amber, Michael, Sara and Troy – this is a slot that will literally haunt you in your dreams. The soundtrack sets the mood perfectly, and once you’ve enjoyed this game once, you’ll come back for more again and again.

The most valuable symbol in this game is the logo of Immortal Romance, which also acts as a wild. 5 on a payline of this symbol gives you 50 times your stake, but truly, that’s peanuts compared to what you can in the game 4 free spins features. 12 150 times your stake is an amazing prize to take home, and it’s only possible while in the free spins game.

The game is packed with mystery and bonus features, and The Chamber of Spins is the main attraction. This is where you get access to the 4 different free spins features, all with different multipliers. There is the Vampire Bats feature with multipliers up to 6x, and a Rolling Reels feature with multipliers up to 5x, in addition to the random wilds that can also appear.

Where to Play Immortal Romance Slots?

Where to Play Immortal Romance?
Where to Play Immortal Romance?

Now that you know all about how to play this game, it’s about time we talk about where you can play it. Since this is among the most popular slots ever made, you will have no problem finding a casino where you can play Immortal Romance right away. You still need to decide which casino though, and also whether or not you want to test the free demo version of the game first.

Play for real money

If you are eager to get started with real money play, you can pick and choose from our large list of trusted and licenced casinos. We scan the whole market every day to provide you with the most up-to-date casino and slot information possible, and this gives you a nice overview to select from. Simply follow the link to the top of this page, and you can play Immortal Romance with a welcome bonus immediately.

Play the free demo version

It’s usually a good idea to check out the demo game first however before you risk anything from your own pocket. This way, you can get to know the game a little, and come fully prepared for the real thing. It just so happens that we have the free-play demo game installed right here on this review page. All you need to do is follow the link to the top, and you can check out the Immortal Romance demo game for free right away.

Immortal Romance mobile & tablet

Immortal Romance mobile & tablet
Immortal Romance mobile & tablet

You can bring Immortal Romance with you anywhere you so desire. It’s fully optimized for mobile and tablet, and any handheld device will work with this slot. You can play with your Android unit, or iPhone and iPad if you prefer that. No need to leave adventure and possible massive winnings behind, just as long as you keep this game in your pocket.


Immortal Romance is quite old, but it appears surprisingly fresh and modern even many years after it was released. It’s definitely one of Microgaming’s most successful slots, and they were truly ahead of their time with this romantic vampire theme. The betting range is good for both beginners and professional players, and the max win on this game is nothing short of incredible.

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