How to Play Sportstake 13 in South Africa?

How to play Sportstake 13
How to play Sportstake 13

Know the Fixtures and Results

Sportstake 13 is the most popular game played in South Africa and loved by African punters. The game is a part of the National Lottery and your task is to predict correctly the outcome of 13 predefined football matches drawn from local South African, UK, and other chosen pro soccer fixtures. 

The minimum bet per board is R2 while the maximum price for a wager is limited to R2,000. The game is operated by Ithuba, the company amended to operate, conduct and promote all the National Lottery games since 2015 under the license issued by the National Lottery Commission.

How to Play Sportstake 13 in South Africa?

How to play Sportstake 13 in South Africa
How to play Sportstake 13 in South Africa
  • You can play Sportstake 13 games by predicting outcomes of 13 predetermined match fixtures drawn from various leagues and other identified soccer leagues across the globe.
  • Buy the Sportstake fixture lust game and predict your outcome for each of the 13 soccer matches.
  • Mark your predictions in the applicable tick box for each relevant fixture with a black pen or pencil. To predict the outcome of the matches, choose your prediction for each fixture by marking: 1 – for a home win; x – for a draw, and 2 – for an away win.
  • When filled take the bet slip to a teller at any approved lottery retailer near you and make the payment.
  • After you have made a payment, you will receive a receipt with all your chosen predictions, so make sure you have written your name on the back of the receipt.

Draws are conducted every Monday and Friday before 9.00. Results and dividends can be found at the retailer store or at the online lotto site.

Sportstake 13 result
Sportstake 13 result

Play SportsStake 13 by choosing Propick

You can also play SportsStake 13 by choosing Propick which is a system function to support the participant in selecting 13 outcomes whereby the lottery processing system produces a pre-defined Multi play bet with weighted outcomes on behalf of the player.

To play Propick simply choose the board you wish to play and selections are displayed in the green box on the bet slip that you get from your National lottery electronic wallet. Also, you can request Propick directly from the retailer at the store. An SMS may also be used as a method of playing a Selection of numbers and/or PRO PICK. The SMS number to play is 37070.

To see if you have won, you should look out for the results of the football matches or you may check out the Ithuba website with all the results of the fixture events.

Click here to know the results now.

Increase the chance of winning

Note that to play Sportstake 13, you need to buy the ticket at R2  and the maximum wager per bet slip is R2,000. You can select a single or multi-match result for each fixture, but you will pay more. Practically, you will have to pay for each outcome you want to predict which will increase your chances of winning but also the price of your betslip. If you want to make a valid wager, it must consist of one selection per fixture.

Sportstake 13 tickets can be purchased at any Lottery retailer on Mondays to Fridays between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Tickets are also available on Saturdays between 6:00 AM and up to half an hour before the first announced football match takes place.

Sportstake 13 result
Sportstake 13 result

If a football match abandons, cancels, or starts before the end of sales, each prediction bet for that particular Sportstake fixture becomes a correct prediction. The results of these matches mark a ‘C’ for cancel, an ‘E’ for the early fixture, or an ‘F’ for both. Each wager with one of these letters next to it is a winning wager.

Prizes to win in Sportstake 13

  • The player who matches 13, 12, 11 or 10 outcomes will share the winning Pool of that Prize Division according to the following:
  • Prize Division 1 – Match 13: This means that the Participant has correctly matched all 13 outcomes from the Fixture List (“MATCH 13”).
  • Prize Division 2 – Match 12: This means that the Participant has correctly matched all 12 outcomes from the Fixture List (“MATCH 12”).
  • Prize Division 3 – Match 11: This means that the Participant has correctly matched 11 outcomes from the Fixture List  (“MATCH 11”).
  • Prize Division 4 – Match 10: This means that the Participant has correctly matched 10 outcomes from the Fixture List (“MATCH 10”).
Sportstake 13 game odds
Sportstake 13 game odds

You need to be 18 and over years of age to play this game. Click here to join now and play Sportstake 13 even with your mobile.

Sportstake Multi-Play

It is a combination of a quick pick and a system entry. In this game, you can bet on multiple outcomes for the same match and increase your odds of winning. Every possible combination of results that you speculate; on will generate a separate board, and you pay the R2 cost for each one.

For instance, you could bet on the first fixture on the list – a home win or an away win. This is a ‘double’, as you bet on two of the three possible outcomes. You could then bet on the other 12 fixtures ending in a home win. In that way, two boards would be generated. The first would be the bet on 13 home wins. And the second would be the bet on one away win and 12 home wins. You would, therefore, pay the cost for two boards – R4.

In addition, you can also bet on all three outcomes for the same fixture: a home win or draw or away win. For example, this is a ‘triple’; you could bet on a triple on the first fixture on the list and then home wins for the other 12 fixtures.

In that event, three-game boards would be developed. The first would be for the bet on 13 home wins, the second would cover one draw and 12 home wins, and the last would be for one away win and 12 home wins. The cumulative cost of the bet would be R6 (three boards at the cost of R2 each.)

You can place Multi-Play bets on whichever fixtures you wish, but the maximum amount you can wager on each bet slip is R2,000. There are 1,594,323 possible combinations of home win, away win, or draw across the 13 fixtures, so it is impossible to cover all of them.

How to Win Sportstake 13

If you win Sportstake 13, you have to correctly predict the outcomes of at least 10 matches on the same board. Predict all 13 and you win the top prize. The match result takes 90 minutes plus extra time (if played). Penalty shootouts are not relevant in Sportstake 13 results.

Half of the revenue that comes from ticket sales goes to the funding prize of Sportstake 13. This money divides into four prize divisions.

Why Play Sportstake 13

Why Play Sportstake 13
Why Play Sportstake 13

Playing Sportstake 13 is a favourite entertainment for South Africans who are into football and want to make use of it. A prize you may win depends on your skills to predict the outcomes but also on the prize pool shared by all the participants in a particular draw.

4 Awards are given

Fifty per cent of the total sales comprise the Sportstake prize pool. The awards have 4 categories: division 1 gets 30%, division 2 will get 15% division 3 gets 20% of the prize pool and Division 4 gets 35%. Not only prizes are based on the ticket sale, but they also depend on the overall number of lucky winners. Division 1 is for those players who predict are correct for all 13 fixtures, and division 2 is for players who predict correctly the outcomes of 12 matches. The prizes from division 3 go to the players who match 11, and division 4 goes to players who match 14 fixtures.

Jackpot rolls on

If no one wins the top prize, the jackpot keeps going over to the Jackpot division in the next Sportstake 13 draw and the jackpots from division 1 will roll for a maximum of nine scheduled fixture lists. In case, in the tenth fixture list, the jackpot amount is not won, the sum will be split equally between the divisions with winners. If that divisions 2 3 and 4 do not have winners, both prize pools will go to the jackpot prize pool.

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