How To Keep Your House Smelling Great

house smelling great

There can be some pretty miserable smells found during the summer heat. Keeping your house clean is one thing, but how do you keep your house smelling summer fresh?

As autumn fast approaches, you want to savour all the warm, inviting scents that come with it. Instead of spraying air freshener ten times a day, there are some ways to make your house smell amazing, with minimal work.

Keep Your House Smelling Great

Your guests will love walking into your house, and you can customize your scents to suit your moods, themes or favourites!

Here are some ways to keep your house smelling great all year round

1.Keep it airy

Keep Your House Smelling Great

Before you can even think about making your house smell good, you need to get rid of all the musty, old air. Open all the windows, doors and curtains and let the fresh air move in, pushing the old air out. Cross-breezes are the best, but if the air is still outside, turn on all ceiling and floor fans to create a flow.

If it is particularly cold outside, just keep the windows open for a few minutes. That is even enough to get rid of the old, stale air.

2. Remove all bad odours

bad odour

When making your house smell great, you don’t want to compete with bad smells. Removing all bad odours will help the new, fresh scents be more noticable and clean. Here are some of the main culprits of stinky odours

  • Pet beds
  • Garbage bins
  • Dirty upholstery
  • Damp laundry
  • Old food in fridge
  • Over ripe produce
  • Dampness in bathrooms
  • Dirty oven or microwave
  • Clogged drains or sinks
  • Diaper bins
  • Dirty rugs

Dust can accumulate quickly, and its stink is often underestimated. Getting rid of the musty, dusty stench will go a long way in helping your house smell great.

3. Quick Fix

scented candle

In order to refreshen the house quickly, use products like candles, sprays, incenses or plug-in fresheners. Try and keep all the same scents throughout as too many conflicting scents and smells can be unpleasant and cause your house to smell like a perfume factory.

4. Double up

baking 1

A great way to kill two birds with one stone is to make your house smell great with some baking. Mix up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, banana bread or something sweet and delicious smelling. Your guests will love walking into the house when it smells of yummy baked goods.

You can even simmer a pot on the stove with some rosemary, cinnamon sticks and some wine. Mulled wine has such a rich, fragrant scent that will fill the house.

5. Be liberal with carpet sprinkle

carpet sprinkle

Carpet sprinkle is one of the easiest ways to keep your carpets fresh, and your house smelling good. Sprinkling the powder onto the carpet followed by a light vacuuming will make a world of difference, and is quick and easy to do. The deodorizer should get rid of the bad odours, and leave a fresh and clean one in its place.

6. Be creative

potpourri stove

Get your creative juices flowing and create your own potpourri. You actually don’t need flowers to make a potpourri. Boil some water on the stove and add scented fresh items like orange peels, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, cloves and some essential oils.

The steam will travel all over the house and give a uniform but comforting scent throughout.

7. Household cleaner is your best friend

household cleaner

Do not underestimate the power of a quick wipe down with a household cleaner spray. It will remove any dirt and bad odours and in its place there will be a fresh and scenty smell. Citrus smells seem to last longer and cut through bad odours better.

8. Use fabric softener

fabric softener

Fabric softener does wonders to clothing. Not only does it soften the clothes, but it leaves a fresh and comforting smell. When the washing is removed from the machine, or put in the tumble dryer, the scent should travel around the house.

9. Cotton ball bombs

cotton balls

Soak a couple of cotton balls in different oils or scents and leave them around the house. You could use fabric softener, essential oils or even cologne and perfume.

Hide the cotton balls between cushions, behind furniture, in the vacuum, in flower arrangements and even in the air conditioner vent.

These adds little bursts of fragrance around the house, and are virtually invisible when hidden.

10. Fill up candle jars

candle jar

Use those empty purity jars or candle jars to fill with some concoctions that can be placed around the house. Fill them with the following options:

  • Shampoo
  • Cleaner
  • Essential oils
  • Fabric softener

These scents should last a while and give a soft, comforting fragrance to the room they are kept in.

Keep it fresh!

There you have some fabulous ideas on how to get your house smelling good. Your guests will be impressed by the clean smell of your house.

You can even get a little creative and create your own fragrances and scents for around the house, customizing them to each room and section of your home.

It also gives you a great excuse to go bake up some delicious cookies, who doesn’t love that smell!

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