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How to keep busy during winter

Living in South Africa, we are pretty spoiled with the most stunning weather almost all year round. We have sunny, warm summers and cool yet pleasant winters. However, we become quite fragile when winter hits – even though our coldest days are considered hot in Europe.

The moment the temperature drops below 25 degrees we throw on our winter woollies and boots. We don’t like the cold, and we complain about it quite a bit as well.

South Africa is an outdoor country. Surfing, hiking, biking, all of the best it has to offer is outdoors. This can be quite depressing for the winter grumpies. Not wanting to load up all the warm gear for the perilous Durban winter is pretty common, and most people wallow indoors feeling very sorry for themselves.

Don’t be that person! There are a ton of different activities you can enjoy indoors (believe it or not). Find some new hobbies to enjoy, travel to places you’ve never considered and give the beach a break for a while. You will be surprised at how entertained you can keep yourself without having to leave the house.

Dig deep into your creativity and invent some new games, to-do’s or activities to keep you busy.

Alternatively, you could be a little lazy and read our list below for some ideas:

Go to the cinemas

Movie houses are emptying these days. People rather stay at home and stream movies online. But don’t you miss the feeling of excitement, warm popcorn between your hands and a slush puppy at your side? There are some amazing movies set to come out this winter, why not book some tickets and watch a few on the big screen.

Bounce around

The new trend of trampoline parks is taking South Africa by storm. Don’t be fooled – they aren’t just for kids. Take the family with (if you want) and spend an hour or two jumping from trampoline to trampoline in a bounce park near you. Some of them even offer dodgeball tournaments and leagues which are open to the public.

Cook up a storm

Now is the time to try out some of the new recipes that are saved on your Pinterest board. With the cold nights, try some pressure cooker dinners or experiment with flavours. Put the braai away for a while, no matter how hard that may be. You should be able to find some delicious winter recipes online or in recipe books you have stashed away. These will warm away your winter chills and improve your cooking skills!

Visit a museum

For free entertainment, museums are pretty cool. There are so many different museums out there to visit, why not make a checklist for your winter and see how many you can visit in your city. The Natural Science Museum in Durban is a definite must see if you are ever in the vicinity. Their life-like T-Rex model is such a hit with children.

Become a mixologist at home

Why not take an online course in mixology. This way, you learn how to mix up cocktails, have fun doing so, and get to taste the end product. Win-win right?

Do some online gambling

You no longer have to leave the house to gamble. There are countless entertaining and trustworthy online casinos for you to choose from. You can actually win some real money from your couch! You can either play online, download the games as an app, or stream live-time table casino games. Some sites even let you link up with other players, so why not play some poker with your best friend 20 mins away.

Take up a hobby

If you don’t have a hobby that keeps you busy, why not try find one. Whatever floats your boat. Knitting, biltong making, brewing beer, and painting – the opportunities are endless. Do some research, get yourself prepped and you will have some lovely indoor hobby-time ahead of you.

Visit the library

There is nothing quite as comforting as a library. You can sit back with your favourite book, or books if you are feeling ambitious, and enjoy the warmth and silence. It is free (if you return your books on time) and libraries are usually very accessible to everyone.

Spring clean in winter

Now this isn’t as fun, but why not dig through the draws you haven’t opened in years and see what might be hiding in there. Getting this done in winter means you avoid the dreaded spring clean later on in the year. You might also find some throwback photos or ridiculous games to play while you’re at it.


Just imagine it – warm chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven on a rainy, miserable afternoon. You can almost smell the deliciousness. Hone in on your baking skills, and calories, and bake away to your hearts content.

Do absolutely nothing

If you can’t go out for a cycle, why not just do nothing instead. How often do you get the opportunity to sit on your couch and watch a full season of a new series in a day? Take advantage and sloth around for as long as it is enjoyable. You never know when you might be able to do it again.

So there you have it, entertaining ways to spend your winters indoors. Remember, South Africa is not the North Pole and we really don’t need those ski jackets, but we like to think we do. Spend your winter indoors doing something fun, instead of sulking around like we love to do during our beautiful winters.