How To Earn Money From Home

Earn Money From Home

Isn’t the idea of being able to stay at home and earn a living so delicious to all of us? Yes, there are the few that love being out and about, but the majority of us would love to be able to stay at home and supplement an income. You would be your own boss and your time would be your own. You wouldn’t have to ask for leave and you could go watch your child’s soccer match at 2 pm on a Monday afternoon, and take him out for ice cream afterward.

Earn Money From Home

Being able to earn money on your own terms, doing something you enjoy from the comfort of your own home, does not have to be as hard as it used to. The internet has made the world such a small place, and there are ways to take advantage of this to make some decent money.

Finding What You Are Good At

Finding your strengths and playing to them will take a little bit of time and some research, but it definitely can be done. Remember though that just because you are working from home, it does not mean you can slack off. You will need to work hard to kick yourself off, and maybe after a while, you will be able to take things easy. Nothing comes easy, and being able to work from home will take some effort initially, but the rewards are so worth it.

If you are stuck on some ideas on how to earn money from home, we have you covered. Whether you can write, shop or make things, there is a platform for you. You can even kick it off while still working a full-time job. Hopefully, after a while, you will have built up your name or business and you can quit your job and be home full time. You and your family will benefit from it.

Here are some ideas on how to make some money from home:



If you have a way with words or are good at web design, freelancing is the way to go. More and more individuals and companies are realizing the power in freelancing. Sites like Upwork are becoming massive worldwide. They offer freelancers and clients a way to connect and find each other. As a freelancer, you sign up to Upwork and create a profile, choosing your field of expertise. Clients then go and post jobs on the site, and you are able to go and apply for whichever ones you feel you would be able to do. The clients then review all the applications and choose a freelancer to work with.

The site offers full payment protection for clients and freelancers and is safe to use. There are mediators available and the customer support is fantastic. Being accepted to the site can be a little tough as there are so many freelancers applying, but make your profile attractive enough to be accepted. Upwork do charge a service fee of 20% per contract. This might seem like a lot, but it covers all the admin and the platform for you to get the work. If it wasn’t for the site, you would never have got the work in the first place!


personal shopper

If you are a shopaholic – we have good news for you! More and more people are outsourcing their shopping and errands to others because they just do not have the time. People are so busy nowadays, that personal shoppers are so popular. There are some sites to advertise yourself on, but social pages like Facebook should do fine at first.

Elderly people also need someone to help with their shopping, you can charge a small fee to do what you love. Personal stylists are also quite in if you have an eye for fashion you can make yourself some good money! Create yourself a portfolio, advertise and find some clients.

Creating and Crafting


If you are a lover for all things crafts, you stand a good chance of making some money. Find a craft that you are good at, choose a product and get branding. Sites like Etsy give you a platform to sell your handmade goods. This could be anything from handmade jewelry to wedding invitations. There is a market for almost anything, you just have to find the right niche and advertise enough.

This is a great opportunity that lets you do what you love, and make money from it!

Loving animals

dog walking

Animal lovers are in for a treat. You can become a dog walker and be paid for it. Spend time with furry friends and make a living. There are so many people who cannot find the time to walk their dogs and will pay others to do it for them. Advertise your skills and love for dogs and you should have customers in no time. Check out other dog walkers to see the going rates and base yours on that as well.

Some people also look for dog sitters while they are away. This way you can get in all the furry cuddles you can imagine!



Let us face it, some of us are dreadful at organizing, and there are many people out there who will pay people to do it for them. If you are a neat freak and love it when everything is in its place, you might be the perfect professional organizer. You can help others get their lives in order, and make some cash. You will be your own boss and can do up some really great branding as well.

Work From Home

A  little determination and some research can see you working from home. You will have more time to spend with your family and you can make your own rules. It will definitely be tough at first, but it is a long-term goal that will be worth it in the end. There are so many options to choose from. Nowadays there is a market for everything, and with a good idea and good branding, you can find the right clients.

Good luck!

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