How People Pick Lotto Numbers

other people choose their Lotto numbers
other people choose their Lotto numbers

There is really no proper way to choose Lotto numbers. Some people swear by superstition, others by science and statistics. Whatever your preference, maybe your losing streak has piqued your curiosity as to how People Pick Lotto Numbers.


Maybe you feel like if you applied other strategies to picking your numbers, you might be a little luckier. Using special birthdays, lucky digits or frequently picked numbers – there are many different methods adopted by different people. Many people stick by their theories, even after never actually being successful, and others change up their tune every time they play.

The odds really aren’t in your favour, however. But still, people play every week. The chance of winning the Lotto is almost 1 in 14 million – how wild are those odds?

How people pick lotto numbers

Here are some of the more common ways that people pick their Lotto numbers. Maybe if you pick up some tricks you might be lucky yourself, but at the end of the day, the countless ways to choose numbers match your odds of winning – so you pick!

How to Pick Lotto Numbers -How People Pick Lotto Numbers
How to Pick Lotto Numbers

1. Special Days

Many people choose to base their Lotto picks on the dates of special occasions. Family birthdays are some of the most common picks of Lotto numbers. However, birthdays can’t go above the 31 number, so there are a few numbers that are left out.

2. Picking Overdue Numbers

Picking overdue numbers
Picking overdue numbers

People look for numbers that haven’t been picked in a while and hope that maybe this time around these numbers are due to be picked next time. It is our nature to assume that these number should surely be picked next, but that really isn’t how the statistics work.

3. Lucky Numbers

If you don’t go along with picking special birthdays, you might want to base your choices on lucky numbers. Or both – why not? Often it is based on sports numbers, superstitious numbers, or numbers in a phone number – everyone has their own way of choosing special numbers. Many people choose the lucky numbers 7 or 13 – and these two numbers are two of the most common picked.

4. Sticking to Winning Numbers

powerball lotto ticket

This is a simple approach as how people pick lotto numbers – stick to what works. More people than you might think actually choose their numbers by the previous weeks winning. This is a way how people pick lotto numbers. There are actually online sites that show graphs of the most popular numbers that end up winning. This helps people choose the most commonly winning numbers, and some people believe this to be the most effective and fool-proof way of winning.

Whether it works or not is hard to say, but the chances and odds remain the same.

5. Play what wins

Sometimes creativity is lacking a bit, or it might just be a bit of a hunch, but there are  a few that like to play a ticket that has won more than once. In some rare chance and chain of events, the same numbers have actually appeared on a winning ticket more than once, and people see this as a lucky sign. This is hoe How People Pick Lotto Numbers. The chances of this happening are astronomical, but if it has happened before – why not try again?

6. Using Science

The more logical and scientific of players may opt for a more researched approach. Wheeling – which is buying multiple tickets with the maximum amount of numbers, is often used by serious players. The chance of winning at least a little bit of money is there, even if it is a small amount.

There are also many different tools out there that help with predicting what might come of the next Lotto pick. Some people swear by these, and the actual apps sing their own praises, but it has never really been shown to work.

7. Complete Random Selection

This is probably the best approach to take. Completely randoming your pick, even by closing your eyes and dangling your pencil over the page – is quite effective. You will be picking numbers randomly, and not numbers that will be commonly picked by others because of superstition or science. This means that if you do win by picking random numbers, you won’t have to share your jackpot with as many people who might have employed tricks such as picking prevalent numbers.

Complete random selection

8. Aesthetically Pleasing

If you like pretty things and keeping all your numbers in order, you may want to try the aesthetic approach. An example is choosing all the numbers inside the middle column, and funnily enough – this type of pick has paid off in the past.

It might not be the most proactive way of choosing numbers, but if it works it works. Some are put off by thinking the odds of a pretty sheet with matching columns winning is off the charts – but all Lotto winnings hold the same odds, so it is worth a try.

9. Quick, Easy Wins

Quick, easy wins

If you are looking for a sure answer and a quick way to win millions off the Lotto, you aren’t going to have much luck finding it. No matter what your method might be, the chances stay the same. You might as well get a baby to choose your numbers for you.

Saying that however, the human mind is a powerful thing and some people absolutely swear by the methods they use and the tactics they enforce when doing the momentus task of picking Lotto numbers.

As a test, why not adopt a different method each week. In theory, you won’t be decreasing your chances. The odds will pretty much remain the same. However your strong will and wishing to win might convince the universe to send some extra cash your way.

Always play responsibly and remember that is an odds game. One where the odds are exponentially stacked against you. 1 in 14 million about, but if you win, you win real big.


Above article suggests some great tips to pick lotto numbers, but emphasizes that lotto numbers are selected at random and there is no guaranteed way to win. These tips include random selection, using significant dates, using hot and cold numbers, analyzing frequency charts, and playing with a group. The article advises playing responsibly and only spending what one can afford to lose.

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