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Hey Jude the personal assistant app
Hey Jude App

Hey Jude the personal assistant app is a real human assistant that lives on your smartphone and assists you in almost every task you do in your day-to-day life. This South African startup Hey Jude connects users with tasks that need completing with real people – the Judes – to undertake them.


It is a subscription-based service that uses a message-based interface to link users via text or voice message with Judes. Requests, such as food delivery, restaurant reservations and gift searching, are then completed by vetted suppliers and payment is facilitated through the app.

What Help Does Hey Jude the Personal Assistant App Provide

Hey Jude App
Hey Jude App

You can ask for any help you need from Hey Jude. Some of the common questions you can ask are like help to find out where the best bistro is and will let you know. Then make the reservation and give you directions. Will make you remember your mother-in-law’s birthday, so you need a bouquet of flowers delivered.

The geyser bursts and you need to find a plumber but want a few quotes before giving the go-ahead. Hey Jude will sort it. Your favourite rock group is hitting the town. Hey Jude will pay for the tickets and get them to you. So the list goes on and on. Whatever you need, Hey Jude will find it, quote it, deliver it and even pay on your behalf. Just say the word and it’s sorted.

hey Jude app

How does Hey Jude the personal assistant app works?

All you need is to get a small monthly subscription and you get a real human assistant, every day 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no loopholes, only the hoops that Hey Jude Hey Jude the personal assistant app jumps through to make everything happen, anytime, anywhere. Only you need to tell Jude whatever you need, where and when you need it, from restaurant bookings, travel, ordering food, finding a product, organizing a tradesman, whatever you can think of.

The app’s secure, encrypted commerce platform allows users to load their cards and supply transaction instructions, and the Judes will settle your expenses for a nominal fee of five percent on each transaction.

Hey Jude app

Jude pay’s for anything from A to Z making your life super simple. You just say the word – text or voice note and Hey Jude will settle your suppliers, pay the tailor, sort out the vet bills, get you directions to De Aar, find the best tapas bar in the city, buy and deliver your groceries.

The thing that sets this app apart is that the Judes are real people – not machines – that use the power of technology, their own local knowledge, and a bit of flare to get your tasks done – it’s the perfect mash-up of emotional aptitude and artificial intelligence.

Hey Jude is the extra pair of hands you need. Send a request via text, picture or voice note, and the team of human-powered assistants will find it, quote it, deliver it and even pay for it on your behalf. Life has never been simpler. Whatever you need (if it is moral and legal), just say the word and it’s sorted here.

The team to help you are efficient and have 20 years of experience in customer service and lifestyle management backed by AI the perfect combination of technology and human power. Clever 3rd party integrations of Uber, Airbnb, Open Table, Ticket master and many more let you easily make decisions about bookings without even leaving the app. Jude can calculate the cost of your trip to the theatre for the tickets Jude just booked for you and map out your directions because it’s all integrated.

How does Hey Jude works?
How does Hey Jude works?

Hey, Jude is the perfect assistant for the busy 21st-century individual or even your Nan. Available in the UK, South Africa, UAE, New Zealand and Australia this beautiful virtual assistant you will really love to use.  Download Hey Jude from the app store from iTunes for iOS devices all are free that require iOS 10.0 or later compatible phones and from Google Play if you own an Android and require 4.1 and up compatible devices.

You can download for free ( for 3 trial requests) but to avail of the full features you need R199 per month (at the time of writing) and this entitles you to use Hey Jude as much as you like anytime, anywhere for anything. “Hey, Jude where can I play casino games in Johannesburg?”


So, lastly, powered by clever tech, backed by smart people, and delivered through a user-friendly app, this Hey Jude App is a human-powered digital assistance service that helps you get things done, smartly.

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