Guide to Betting on Esports and How to Select the Right Site

Guide to Betting on Esports
What Is Esports

Sports betting has been around for centuries but esports betting a new concept. If you are new to esports betting, chances are high you don’t know much about it. Here is the Guide to Betting on Esports.

Let’s start with fundamentals to make it much easier to understand if you focus on conventional sports betting.

Guide To Betting On Esports- What is Esports

Esports is all about – video games! But it does not mean every video game is an esports. Electronic sports are highly competitive video games with a focus on organized video game competitions.

The first video game competition dates back to 1972 at Stanford University. The competition was for Spacewar. The first prize was a year’s subscription for Rolling Stone, a monthly pop culture magazine in the USA. In 30 years since its inception, esports slowly paved their way to becoming a household term in South Korea. Actually, South Korea is the cradle of the modern esports industry.

In the next 10 years, global esports tournaments are already has made a lot of namse. This was the golden era of League of Legends with Dota 2 and CS:GO at the very start of their life cycle.

Esports Betting Sites

Esports betting sites have come a long way since their early stages. A couple of years ago, there were only many places you could use to bet on esports. Nowadays, the list is absolutely massive. There are so many esports bookies nowadays that it’s difficult to come across a 100% legit one.

In this Guide to Betting on Esports you will find how to choose these esports bookies as the best ones currently available? Well, here are some of the criteria you should consider.

1. Payment Policy

Payment Policy
Payment Policy

The payment process and withdrawal policy is a key consideration. You might have stumbled upon a bookie who had lots of good bonuses and all that good stuff, but when it came to actually withdraw your winnings, there were many obstacles in your way. This is one of the Guide to Betting on Esports.

The first and most common one is huge minimum withdrawal amounts. Often bookies require more than $200 for the initial withdrawal. While that’s okay for big-time players, average players won’t exactly be happy with their chances of winning that much with lower deposits.

Withdrawal fees are also necessary. Most of the time, you will find many available withdrawal methods, all with different transaction fees. However, some bookies tend to increase the fees beyond reasonable numbers. It is, therefore, better to choose the best esports betting sites considering their payment policy – low minimum withdrawal amounts and low transaction fees!

2. Payment Options

Payment Options
Payment Options

Next comes the site’s number of deposit/withdrawal options. Usually, you’ll see the likes of credit cards, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller, Ukash, and similar options. The more, the better it is. However, you should make sure to check that your desired bookie has your desired payment method available for both deposit and withdrawal.

3. Website Experience

Website Experience
Website Experience

This criterion is all about the bookie’s ability to draw and keep customers on their website. User experience is the main aspect of any website, especially highly interactive ones such as esports betting websites. So, only picked bookies who have easy-to-navigate websites with clear and simple betting procedures.

Many websites do a poor job as far as user experience is concerned. That’s why to look for sites that are easy to find and bet on is necessary. You won’t need training videos to successfully bet and win money on them.

4. Legit Betting Licenses

Legit Betting Licenses
Legit Betting Licenses

Each esports betting site should also have a legit betting license in the country it operates in. This means you are putting your money in a registered gambling company that does its business following international laws. This guarantees transparency, credibility, and a good user experience.

5. Special Bets

Special Bets
Special Bets

Another very important trait of a proper esports bookie is the number of special bets it has to offer. Let’s say there two different types of esports bets: normal (match-winner) and special (basically everything else).

Match-winner bets are generally 2-way or 3-way. The latter is with matches that can end as a draw, while the former are those matches in which one team must defeat the other. Special bets, on the other hand, are game-based and represent all other quantifiable aspects of a match.

6. The Number of Available Esports Markets

The Number of Available Esports Markets
The Number of Available Esports Markets

This tip is mostly not considered by people – esports markets. When you first create an account on your esports betting site of choice, you don’t really think about other markets. You are only focused on the one you currently want to bet on.

When your gaming preferences change, your bet too. But if you happened to choose a bookie that only has a few esports markets, you might not enjoy it. Nobody wants to constantly create accounts on these gambling websites for each specific game they want to bet on. So, go for one of our chosen betting websites – each of them has an impressive number of esports markets to bet on.

7. Trustworthiness


Last but not least is trustworthiness. If you can’t trust a website with your personal info, don’t even visit it.

So, sites that have bad reviews, known issues reported by their users, and unresponsive customer support – you should avoid it all. Follow this Guide to Betting on Esports for having a great time and earn some decent money.

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