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Get the AR Dinosaur Experience with Burger King Promo in South Africa

Burger King Promo South Africa

If your kid in South Africa owns a smartphone or uses your smartphone often for games then this promo at Burger King can be profitable. Burger King in South Africa is promoting its BK Jr. Meals for kids with collectible play cards that come to life with augmented reality (AR) dinosaurs when scanned with a mobile device. There are 25 BK Dino Cards and each of them shows a 3-D animation of a dinosaur superimposed on a real background seen through a smartphone camera.

In a recent news Ezelna Jones, head of marketing at Burger King South Africa said that the dinosaur experience shows the burger chain is embracing the need for change in meeting the needs of kids. Developer BizAR Reality created the cards and app for Burger King South Africa.

What is this promo and how does it work?

Burger King Promo SA

Craze for Pokemon Go is not over and there are other AR games apps for kids to enjoy. For this promo at Burger Kings you first need to download the BK Dino App which shows collectible cards for kids meals

You can get this special BK Dino App from Apple’s App Store or Google Play to unlock the AR experiences and to hear what each dinosaur may have sounded like. App users can learn how to pronounce the names of dinosaurs like the velociraptor, triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex, and learn facts about them.

Remember you need to buy Kids meal of R32.90 to take part in this promotion.

Steps to follow:

Burger King App

  • As said above first download the BK Dino app from app stores according to the device you are using. Apple users go to iTunes and Android users go to Google Play to get this free app
  • Visit a BURGER KING near you
  • Buy any King JR Meal
  • Get a pack of the collectible BK Dino cards
  • Scan and Unlock your BK Dinos
  • Collect all 25 BK Dino Cards

The BK Dino App not only lets kids see 3-D animations of dinosaurs in their real-world surroundings, but also lets them take screen grabs to share with their friends on social media.

Organic content on social media is an important way for brands to get in front of potential new customers. However, because of the privacy concerns around social media for children, a lot portion of the target audience for this promotion may not be active on social media.

Burger King offer to kids

Burger King has a strong presence on social media, according to a report by ShareIQ, an earned media performance platform for brands. The chain racked up 547,000 likes on Instagram during Q1 2018, putting it behind Domino’s and Chick-Fil-A on the image-sharing platform, but ahead of McDonald’s, Subway and Taco Bell. On Facebook, Burger King was No. 2 behind Taco Bell for reactions thank’s to the burger chain’s emphasis on celebrity endorsements. However, the brand’s content overall gets a lot fewer reactions per post, ShareIQ found.

Burger King kids meals offer in South Africa

Such kind of Toy promotions are a major way that quick-service restaurants appeal to kids. Now visit your nearest Burger King with kids and get the AR gaming experience.