How to Get Free Coins on Slotomania Game App?

Get free coins on Slotomania game app on your mobile. Slotomania is an incredible social slot that offers you an amazing experience! Using the Slotomania game app you not only can play over 140 slots, but you can also get plenty of free coins to kick-start your piggy bank!

You can play Slotomania social gaming app across various different platforms and devices, including PC, Mac, or mobile devices, so where everyone can play! Connecting via social networking site Facebook is a specifically popular choice amongst players. No matter what device or download capability you may have, Slotomania covers all.

Slotomania provides a total of 70 slots to enjoy, and each slot has been designed with a lot of care and attention. In fact, the slots look every bit as good as the ones found at regular real money online casinos. What’s more, the slots at this site are completely exclusive to Slotomania, so you will not be able to find them elsewhere online.

Start with Vega Cash

You don’t have to play all the slots from the very beginning though. You need to earn them. When you play, you’ll find that you win coins, and these coins can then be used to purchase new games from the portfolio. When you first start, you’ll have just one slot open to you – Vegas Cash. But as you progress, more slots can be unlocked incredibly quickly.

I must admit that the team over at Slotomania is quite active in creating new and exciting slots for you to play. So, even if you manage to unlock every single slot that the game has to offer, they will keep adding new and exciting ones to the site. This means that you should never get bored while playing this casino.

The Best Slots App for SA Players

How to Get Free Coins on Slotomania Game App
How to Get Free Coins on Slotomania Game App

To play this app you simply have to download Slotomania app which is 100 percent free and available for all portable devices irrespective of what you use an Android or iPhone! This social slot app is available to download from both App Store and Google Play and works just amazingly well on tablets or any portable smart device. The most important thing about this casino app is that it is completely legal for SA and players all over the world! You may live in any state, you still can play hundreds of slots for free! 

The most amazing part is, Slotomania is a casino mobile app with endless free coin hacks you can start using the minute you’re done with downloading!

This you can do using any of your devices and collect free coins in several ways. The best and simplest way is to download the app. The moment you will download the app, your account will be credited with 10,000 free coins. This is your free welcome bonus.

How to Get Free Coins on Slotomania

How to Collect Free Coins
How to Collect Free Coins

As promised, the next section will cover some more tricks and tips to claiming unlimited Slotomania free coins!

How to Collect Free Coins Playing Slotomania on Facebook

How to Collect Free Coins Playing Slotomania on Facebook
How to Collect Free Coins Playing Slotomania on Facebook

It is a great way to collect a second round of 10,000 free coins playing on Facebook. After downloading Slotomania, you will see a small icon on the top right corner of the app with a Facebook logo. By connecting with Facebook of Slotomania by hitting that logo you can immediately claim another 10,000 coins!

You need to offer permission to post and access your public profile on Facebook. If you do not want Slotomania to post updates to your wall, you need to select the “Only Me” privacy option for those posts.

Slotomania Loyalty Program for More Free Coins

Slotomania Loyalty Program for More Free Coins
Slotomania Loyalty Program for More Free Coins

Yes, you can even get more free coins by joining the loyalty program of Slotomania. Just you need to understand how to climb the Slotomania ladder, and how to collect more and more Playtika Rewards points by leveling up your gaming.

Make Your Way to Royal Diamond and Get 1,000,000 Free Coins Every day!

Make Your Way to Royal Diamond and Get 1,000,000 Free Coins Every day!
Make Your Way to Royal Diamond and Get 1,000,000 Free Coins Every day!

You can also earn unlimited free spins by playing more and getting staggering rewards which are offered to frequent players daily. Just have a look at the table below to find out exactly what you receive for every loyalty level at this casino:

Level                                  Experience Points Needed           Daily Coin Prize

Bronze                                   0 Points                                             250

Silver                                      1500 Points                                     250+

Gold                                       4,000 Points                                    100,000

Platinum                               30,000 Points                                  200,000

Diamond                               500,000 Points                               500,000

Royal Diamond                   2,000,000 Points                           1,000,000+

Black Diamond                    8,000,000 Points                           Unknown*

The perks for Black Diamond level players are still unknown that only the most loyal of members will come to know about.

Make Your Way to Royal Diamond and Get 1,000,000 Free Coins Every day!

Make Your Way to Royal Diamond and Get 1,000,000 Free Coins Every day!
Make Your Way to Royal Diamond and Get 1,000,000 Free Coins Every day!

Yet another great thing about being a Slotomania member is that they keep running many slots tournaments, where you can compete with others for massive coin jackpots!

Promotions – Free Coins on Slotomania Game

Promotions -Free Coins on Slotomania Game

1. Gift Cards

You can send and receive gift cards to your friends by connecting through Facebook. You’ll want to have a network of your friends who are all registered Slotomania players only. They’ll accept gifts from you, and you’ll receive some from them. The more you get, the longer you can play without having to make a purchase.

The better you rank in the loyalty club, the more gift cards you can accept each day. Bronze-level players are the newbies to the casino get 5. Once you reach the Silver level, it doubles to 10 and goes up accordingly until you’re a top-tier Black Diamond player. Once you reach the highest level, you can redeem 50 gifts every day.

Gift cards are sent anonymously to your friends whenever you make a purchase. You’ll also be given the opportunity to send them when you ride a lucky streak in the game you’re playing.

2. SlotoCards


These cards are like the gift program. You need to collect as many SlotoCards as you can to fill an album. Once you complete an album, you can claim massive amounts of coins. The third album is boasting a prize of 20,000,000 coins once it’s filled.

How to fill the album?

You click on the individual cards, and they will each have a “how to” button, so you know what your mission. One may indicate that you can play any game to claim the card. For another, you may have to collect a lotto bonus.

As you complete each set within an album, you get a part of the bonus. For example, the “Flower Power” set within the collection is worth 40,000 coins.

3. SlotoQuest


This is yet another way to claim some extra coins to boost your balance. To participate, you click on the SlotoQuest button, and you’re off and running. You can decide if you want an easy challenge, medium, or difficult. The harder the quest, the more you earn.

Once you start, you’re guided all over the way. The game board will direct you to play specific games and then, once you complete the task, you move to the next one.

In an easy challenge, you can claim 600 coins. The most complex will issue you 8,000 if you complete it to perfection.

4. Tournamania


It is also available in Slotomania. It’s another free game that you can play to vie for a piece of the prize pool. You may not always get in on the action, though, as it fills up fast. But, if you’re dedicated, you get to play as you usually would while racking up tournament points and, hopefully, booking yourself a place on the leaderboard.

Other Promotions

In addition, there are so many other things going on within the Slotomania experience that you’d need to continuously be vigilant to see what’s available on any given day.

Often you would find offers specific to particular countries. The best part about it is that it takes you out of the virtual realm and into the real world.

Getting back to what is currently offered, you can take advantage of any of the following:

  • Mega Spins
  • Mega Bonus
  • Stamp It!
  • SlotoClub (level 50 needed)
  • Friends Scoreboard
  • Facebook Promotions



As this isn’t a full-service casino with real money wagering, banking is only in one direction – toward Slotomania.

You can purchase more coins, so you can play longer, and you can also buy boosters that help you to level up faster. But, you won’t be withdrawing any money out of your account. This is a virtual currency casino only, and all you’re paying for and buying are opportunities to collect coins to keep the slot reels spinning longer.

You’ll probably be greeted with several pop-ups encouraging you to purchase more coins. That’s going to be the norm of this site. While there are plenty of opportunities to claim free credits, if you want to play for an extended amount of time, you’ll probably want to buy in from time to time.

If you’re using an app, like through the Google Play store, chances are you already have an account set up for in-app purchases so you can use that to recollect your virtual coins in an instant. You do have other options though, but the credit card acceptance is only for US players.


So, friends becoming a Slotomania member is a very simple proves that is not only packed with amazing bonuses, but it offers endless opportunities to earn millions of free coins. You just have to follow these quick steps to claim thousands of coins every passing day and level!

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