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Freedom Day in South Africa

As South Africans, we have a very rich heritage to be proud of. While our history may not always be a happy one, we always find a way to celebrate our beautiful country and all the good it has to offer.

We are very adept at overcoming adversity, and as a nation we always come out on top and positive. A way we do this is by giving ourselves some much deserved public holidays. We look back at important moments in our past and take a day to reflect, relax and rejoice that we live the lives we do.

Freedom Day

Freedom day is one such holiday. Through a very discriminate and hateful time, we emerged victorious as a nation on 27 April 1994. On this day, the first post-apartheid elections were held. It was a non-racial election which saw the victory of the African National Congress (ANC).

We had a new president, Nelson Mandela. He would be the first black president in the new South Africa, and it opened up a bright and prosperous future for every South African, of any race.

Every year on 27 April, we celebrate this day. We remember the liberation it brought with it, the immense relief and happiness, and also the time it gives us to remember Madiba. It is a day where we come together as a country and instead of resenting the past, we look forward to a future that holds promise and inclusiveness for each and every one of us. It is a truly South African day.

How to celebrate Freedom Day

Many of us might be unsure on how to celebrate Freedom Day. Here are a few ideas:

Visit the Apartheid Museum

To really appreciate Freedom Day and what it stands for, you need to understand the country’s troubled past. The Apartheid Museum holds all the insights into the regime, as well as how we as a country overcame all that evil.

Visit Robben Island

This is the prison in which Nelson Mandela was held. It has since closed and is now a popular tourist attraction. By visiting the island, you will see the suffering and sacrifices made by Nelson Mandela and all the others held in prison for so long.



Nothing is more South African than braaing. If you want to celebrate Freedom Day at home, light up a braai and throw on some Shisinyama (braai meat).

Visit the Nelson Mandela Capture site

Found in Howick, KwaZulu Natal, the capture site is utterly breath taking. It is a structure built that reveals Nelson Mandela’s face, but only if you stand in a certain spot. It is a definite visit for anyone looking to pay homage to this hero.

Nelson Mandela statue

A 6 meter tall statue of Madiba stands in the Nelson Mandela square in Sandton, Johannesburg. The perfect representation for such a giant of our times. Pay a visit to the jaw dropping statue and grab a bite to eat in the area.

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Proudly South African this Freedom Day

Everyone loves a public holiday. They are so much more enjoyable when we have something to celebrate. Whether you are chilling at home enjoying a braai, out exploring our heritage sites or playing online at a Proudly South African casino, enjoy your day.

Be grateful that we get to enjoy such rich culture in such a beautiful land. There is no place quite like home, and it is something to be celebrated, appreciated and revelled.

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