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FNB launches eBucks store inside its banking app

FNB Banking app

Now things have been made more easier by FNB as its now offers customers exclusive pricing for products ranging from tech and gaming to appliances and outdoor with eBucks Shop within their own app.  This means FNB customers can now shop using eBucks in their banking app. Note that the eBucks shop, was previously only accessible on the eBucks website.

FNB has over 2.8 million active app users in South Africa and more than 700,000 average visits per month to the eBucks rewards tab. But now and in future customers can expect to access more meaningful and integrated innovations under the eBucks tab on the FNB app to meet a range of lifestyle needs including travel.

To access and start shopping on the app, you must have an existing eBucks account and have the latest version of the FNB/RMB app.

The eBucks Rewards

Ebucks rewards

eBucks Rewards is all about rewarding FNB customers for how they bank. The bank focuses on adding value for people who bank with FNB by enabling them to save money and do more when they earn and spend their eBucks. The amount of rewards you enjoy all depends on the way you bank.

Your reward rate, which is the percentage of your qualifying purchases that you earn back in eBucks, is determined by your reward level. (Remember: eB10 = R1.) Your reward level is determined by how many points you have collected in a calendar month. You collect points based on how you use your bank account(s). So the more points you have collected, the higher your reward level and the more eBucks you earn. The bank will review your reward level every month.

To start earning eBucks, you must first meet the qualifying requirements specific to your FNB account.

FNB Rewards
  • You earn whenever you use your qualifying FNB account. Whether you’re buying groceries, filling up your vehicle or shopping online, you earn eBucks. Also when you use your bank card at an eBucks partner, you earn more eBucks from the partner as well.
  • Then you can spend your eBucks – and save rands – on the things you love and enjoy.
  • When you spend your eBucks, you can decide if you want to pay for your purchase in full with eBucks or if you want to pay partly in eBucks and partly with your qualifying FNB account. This means you can spread out your eBucks over many purchases or use them all at once. Whatever works for you.
  • You don’t have to worry if you haven’t spent the eBucks you’re earning. You can save up your eBucks to buy something special when you want.

Get 40% discounts as eBucks rewards

Discounts and rewards

Get discounts when you spend eBucks at the eBucks Shop or eBucks travel. The ultimate eBucks reward  is discounts of up to 40%

eBucks members who bank with FNB can qualify to get massive discounts on selected items at the eBucks Shop and on selected local and international flights booked through eBucks Travel online. As long as you qualify for eBucks Rewards, you qualify for eBucks Discounts. It’s that easy!

It’s important to keep in mind that whenever you use your eBucks Discount at the eBucks Shop, you have to pay with eBucks only. See all the ways you can collect points on your FNB accounts that will enable you to move up the reward levels. Visit for more information.

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