European Roulette

European Roulette

South Africans that visit the online casinos but do not want to play the traditional slot machines that use symbols and pay lines that re impossible to figure out can try something different. They can choose to play a table game machine. One of the best table games to play is European Roulette.

One of the most exciting sounds of a casino is the sound of the ball spinning on the roulette wheel. The game may look simple. Choose the number that you think the ball will land on and collect your winnings. While it may seem simple, the strategies that are behind the game of European Roulette are a lot more complex.

Online Casinos

Anyone that enjoys the game of European Roulette will be happy to know they can find this game at many online casinos. It is usually listed under the table games of the online casinos.


European Roulette wheels have the numbers 1 through 36 on them and use the colors black and red. A European Roulette wheel distinguished itself from the regular roulette wheels by only having one 0 spot. This increases the odds in the players favor.

Players can choose to bet on a number or they can choose a series of numbers to bet on. They can also bet on black or red. The odds for winning any of these bets depends on what is bet. An individual number will pay 36:1. A bet on red or black will pay 1:1. It is up to the player to decide how big they want to win.

Betting on a single number takes a lot of luck. It is better to have a mixture of bets that provides a good chance to win.

Players need to take their time to learn how the betting works and what the best strategy to use is. Some people will turn to the free versions of the machines on the online casinos to learn a good strategy.