How To Play Casino Games On Smart TV?

Casino Games On Smart TV
Smart TV

Casino games on Smart TV is on the rise. Is Smart TV Online Casino Upgrade? Not only are there countless online casinos to choose from, but the devices that you can play these games on are increasing.


Online casinos recently took the bold step to make their games accessible on smartphones or as mobile app downloads. This allowed users to have access to their favourite games at any time. Playing on these mobile sites does give freedom of any time use, but it can sometimes lack the ‘real casino’ feel. This is why gambling on your smart TV is so attractive. Let’s find out why Smart TV Online Casino Upgrade.

Access the internet, download apps, play games, check the weather and a host of other things.

Casino Games On Smart TV

A smart TV is not just a TV, it is an integrated entertainment system. On your smart TV, you can access the internet, download apps, play games, check the weather and a host of other things. Having a smart TV in your home gives you access to entertainment and information easily and without having to use a computer.

Imagine being able to play live, life-size poker while sitting in your living room.

Imagine being able to play live, life-size poker while sitting in your living room, or using your smart TV as a giant slot machine. Some online casinos have made their sites accessible on smart TVs – giving you that real casino feel. Smart TVs are fairly simple to use. Connected via WiFi, they have the ability to browse the web and even download and store apps. In this function, it is sort of like a larger phone screen.

Many online casinos are now tailoring their sites to have optimal use on a smart TV. The bigger screen and great graphics all make for an incredible gaming experience. Your friends or family could even share the experience with you while sitting in the lounge enjoying a drink or home-cooked meal – watching you win real money!

How do I play Casino Games On Smart TV

How do I game on my smart TV? - Smart TV Online Casino Upgrade
How do I game on my smart TV?

Setting up gaming on your smart TV is fairly straightforward. Firstly you need to make sure that your smart TV is connected to WiFi. Once you are connected you can access your Smart TV’s browser and search for the online casino you have chosen. You can either log onto your online casino account if you have one or create a new account using your smart TV. You should even be able to add payment details, such as credit card information, and make withdrawals and deposits on your Smart TV.

If you are using a legitimate online site, your banking and card details will be kept just as safe as if you were using a computer or smartphone. Once your account is set up and you have some money in your account, you can start playing. You will most likely use your TV remote to navigate through the online site.

Live Casino

Live Casino
Live Casino

The great thing about using a smart TV for online casinos is that you can access live casino games. You can have real-time feeds and real-time play with dealers and players. This can be for blackjack, roulette or whatever other game you fancy.

This gives you the real casino feeling that you would before only achieve by visiting a land casino. Now you can sit back in your comfy clothes with your favourite food and drink and enjoy all the spoils a casino has to offer.

Which online casino sites are best for Smart TV

Which online casino sites are best for Smart TV
Which online casino sites are best for Smart TV

You should be able to access any web-based casino site using your smart TV, but because of the different setups, some online casinos are more compatible with your smart TV. The graphics, sounds and gameplay have been optimized specifically to suit play on a smart TV. Here are the best options out there:

  • Royal Vegas Online Casino – $1200 + 30 free spins
  • Wintingo Casino – $500 + 50 free spins
  • Ignition Casino – 100% up to $1000
  • Slots Million – $100 + 100 free spins
  • Casino.Com – 100% up to $400
  • 32red – $10 free no deposit bonus
  • Bgo – 300% up to $120 + 20 free spins
  • Boombet – 200% up to $2000 + 200 free spins

These online casinos are all great to play on your smart TV. They are all available to be played in South Africa. Like most online casinos, they also offer worthwhile signup bonuses to new players. They also very often give loyal players rewards. Choosing which site to use is a personal decision, but often you can try a site without having to pay. This will help in deciding if the site suits you and if it is compatible with your smart TV. If you already have an account with an online casino site, you can check on their web page if the site is good to use on a smart TV, or contact their customer care and ask.

If you are really into your online casino gaming or enjoy live table games, then you should seriously consider setting it up on your smart TV if you have one or consider taking your gaming experience to the next level by buying a new Smart TV for your home. The great thing about this is that it can be used by the whole family. From HD TV viewing to online games, news, weather and traffic apps, and countless other uses – everyone will have something to benefit from. Make sure that you have a good and reliable internet connection for your smart TV and get our real-life casino experience started.

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