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Casino Games on Kindle Fire HD

We are all familiar with Android and Apple devices. We know we can use these devices, mobile phones and tablets, to access and play our favourite casino games. But what if we wanted to use devices outside of these brands? Many people often forget that there is another big tablet brand name on the market – Kindle by Amazon.

Amazon have always been the go to brand when looking for an e-reader. Their Kindle was considered the best e-reader available on the market when it first came out. Amazon being Amazon, they didn’t stop there. They continuously update and innovate systems and products. Initially, the Kindle was primarily an e-reader. Users would buy and download their eBooks to their device and read them digitally. This was a big pulling point for many book lovers who found that buying books was too expensive. Amazon went further and introduced a browser capability to their tablets, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. The Kindle HD is the latest in the series, and is so much more than just an e-reader.

Having a browser on the Kindle now means that you can access the internet. Many casino games are accessible through a browser, meaning that its accessibility can span across many different models and devices. While the quality of game play, screen size and speed will differ between different devices, you can pretty much access the games anywhere.

Like any other device, there are certain things you need to have and be sure of before being able to play these games on your Kindle device.


Make sure that you have a good WiFi connection to play these games through your browser. Your Kindle will have a WiFi option built in, and you just need to connect to your secured and trusted network.


If you are downloading the casino game as an app onto your Kindle, make sure that there is enough memory space available for the app to be downloaded. If there isn’t, you can look at buying a bigger memory card or deleting some unwanted apps or files on your Kindle to make space.


Having updated software makes a difference in the quality of game play. Old, outdated software may mean that the game will lag or you won’t be able to access the site at all.

Secure Line

When playing on online casinos, you are going to be playing with real money. Making sure that your Kindle is connected to a safe and secure network is really important. Whether you are using credit card or third party payment methods, there are always scammers looking to steal. Its always a good idea to do these transactions at home when connected to your own secure line.

Games on Kindle HD

Luckily, almost any casino site that is played through a browser can be played on your Kindle HD. There are so many different gaming options out there, and so many sites to choose from. The market is very saturated – with real and fake sites alike. Finding the time to go through them and choose your favourite can be both tedious, and nearly impossible. Luckily there are a few sites that are favourites among Kindle HD users, and have been tested and confirmed to be legit and safe.

What Makes a Good Casino Site?

A good casino site is made up of lots of well run components. Some only tick a few boxes, and many tick all. Finding a site that you consider to be the best for you is easy when looking for the following:


Picking a site with a wide variety of casino games means that you won’t have to open other membership accounts elsewhere. You can skip between different games; from poker to slots, craps to roulette, without having to leave the site.


While graphics also depends on the device you are using, make sure that the site you play on has modern and updated graphics. This can go a long way in increasing your enjoyment while playing online. Some table games seem so real, you will think you are at the casino.


You need to make sure that the site you play on is 100% secure. You can check this by accessing the banking or security page on the casinos website, or by looking up reviews on the internet. Entering in your personal or payment details on an site that isn’t secure can lead to identity or banking fraud.

Customer Support

If you ever have a problem with the casino site you’re playing on, you would want to get help as soon as possible. Finding an online casino with a quick and helpful customer support makes a world of difference if something goes wrong.

The Best Casino Games for Kindle HD

Considering all the above factors, and the device in use, we have rated the best Kindle HD games below.

Spin Palace Casino


Leo Vegas Casino

Casino Luck

Kaboo Casino