Break da Bank

Break da Bank

Players at online casinos in South Africa are often hoping they can break the bank and take home a lot of money. It seems appropriate that if this is their goal they turn to the slot machine from Microgaming titled Break Da Bank. Break Da Bank may not have all of the fancy graphics of other machines, but it still has plenty to offer anyone that chooses to play it. South Africans will truly enjoy the chance to turn their coins into real money.

The game

Break Da Bank is a 3 reel, 5 pay line machine. It allows players to wager 5 coins per line. Because the machine allows for coins ranging from $.01 (ZAR) to $25 (ZAR), it is often the perfect machine for the casual player along with the high limit player.

Some players will not be impressed by a machine that uses bars and only has a wild symbol and multipliers as its feature, but the payouts from this machine more than make up for that. The maximum payout is 2,400 coins. If the maximum amount of $125 (ZAR) is bet, the payout is $300,000 (ZAR). That amount is what draws many players to this machine.

The wild symbol is the Break Da Bank icon. It can replace any other symbols on the reels, and it also acts as the multiplier when more than one wild symbol is on the screen.

Anyone that is looking for a classic and uncomplicated game should consider playing Break Da Bank. It is easy to keep track of when you win and what you win, and many are surprised at how much they are able to win at this slot.