What Is The Best Time To Play Slots

With Slots Mobile all time is the best time to play Slot Machines Online
With Slots Mobile all time is the best time to play Slot Machines Online

Gambling is associated with a lot of fallacies. They believe that certain times, items, or numbers can bring luck. They think some tables make them earn more. Many have their lucky numbers and types of bets.

They believe that the result will be in their favor if they roll the dice in a certain way. There is a list, but you get what we mean: gamblers believe in many things that have no scientific basis.

All of these are usually called gambler’s fallacy, and it is possible to evaluate the “lucky” days in this category. Almost every gambler believes nighttime gambling sessions will work, it would be better to go to the casino on a certain day of the week (or even a specific time). So, does this belief are based on some cause?

Maybe you will be surprised, but yes, going to the casinos on certain days and hours can make you more beneficial. However, this advantage is probably not what you think. Here we will talk about it in detail and find out if choosing a specific day to gamble will really change something.

Why do gamblers think some days are better for gambling?

Why do gamblers think some days are better for gambling
Why do gamblers think some days are better for gambling

This belief is based on the idea that casinos change the payout rate of games on specific days and times. So gamblers, think that slot machines pay more often after 6.00 PM on Fridays because at this time, the casino starts to fill up, and slot machines start to pay a little more often to encourage players to spend money. The number of players is very few between 10 AM and 6 PM, this is the reason the games pay less. 

Best Time To Play Slots

The general belief among gamblers is that 6 PM – 10 PM on Fridays is the best time to gamble. People want to gamble before the weekend, and this time frame is ideal to encourage them. After 10 PM, people start leaving the casino, so the games also start to pay less. Although this is a general belief, there are many other fallacies too, which includes:

  • Some gamblers think that every day of the week is good but it is better to play between 3 PM and 7 PM.
  • As per some players, the weekend is when casinos are most crowded, and games pay more on weekends.
  • Some are of the opinion that games pay more until the evening hours on Mondays, as the first day of the week, the casino is almost empty, and games start paying more to attract a small number of players.

This could go on, but you get the point. Everyone has a different opinion on what would be the best day and time to play in a casino. But the idea behind these ideas is always the same: gamblers think that casinos set their games to pay more on some particular days and times. So, which of these assumptions is correct? 

None of them. The whole idea is absurd, and we explain the reason below. 

Gambler’s Fallacy: Avoid believing everything you hear

Gambler’s Fallacy Avoid believing everything you hear
Gambler’s Fallacy Avoid believing everything you hear

It is is very common and is not just about lucky numbers. For example, if the result has been black for the last 20 rounds while playing roulette, the probability of red on round 21 has increased, right?

Many of the players believe in this notion. However, the probabilities of red and black outcomes in each spin are the same, and the occurrence of a certain outcome for a certain period of time does not make a difference for the other result. So in the 21st round, the probabilities of the red and black are exactly the same: the result can still be black. 

Gamblers think that casinos cheat to make money. In fact, it is possible for players to make money, but casinos prevent this with various tricks. It is possible to “beat the casino” by using certain “systems”. For instance, lucky days are one of them. If you go to the casino on a specific day and time, you win more because casinos change their systems with the press of a button.

This is all nonsense without any basis.

The frequency and amount of payment for slot machines are set by the microchips in them. So if a casino really wants to make a change in these systems, it must physically interfere with the machines and replace the microchips of all of them.

Which is not possible. So the idea that games pay more on certain days and hours is just baseless and without any reason. The fact is, all casino games are designed in such a way that the player always loses in the long run, and this is not confidential information. Gamblers who are familiar with the terms RTP and house edge also know what it means.

If you are interested in slots, we recommend starting with Jackpot city casino. It is the best proof of the fact that you can find most land-based casino games in online casinos too. Moreover, you can get many benefits with bonuses that you cannot find in land-based casinos and get a free bankroll, for example.

Let’s find out how. Online casino games have much higher RTP rates, so you lose less in the long run. For instance, as per Nevada Gaming Commission rules, slot machines can have an RTP value of 85%. In online casinos, the slot RTP rates start from 95%. Therefore, we suggest you select online casinos for a more enjoyable and practical gambling experience.


1. How to play free slots online?

To play slots online for free, you need to be a first-time player at a gambling site. Create your new account and ensure that you are eligible to claim a welcome bonus with free spins. Make your first deposit and play free slots with the extra spins from your bonus.

2. When is the best time to play slot machines at a casino?

The best time to play slot machines in a land-based casino is at night. If you want to play jackpot slots, the best time would be when the jackpot is substantial or when it has not been won for some time. Also, play gambling slots when it is your lucky day to gamble.

3. Where can I play slots for free online?

There are three main places to play free video slots. Firstly, at an online casino with free spins or welcome bonus offers, valid for slot games. Second, at an online casino that allows players to play slots for free in a demo mode. Third, at the official portals of the software developers of the slots.

4. What is the best time of the month to play online slots?

Although the slots are based on the RNG rule and their results are completely random, maybe the best time of the month to play online slots is at the end of the month. Some players believe that the jackpots accumulate the most at the end of the month if they are yet to be won throughout it.

5. How to play slots for the first time as a newbie?

If you play gambling slots for the first time, firstly, check out its paytable and the top winning combinations. Secondly, find out more details about playing it for free in a demo mode. Thirdly, check out the slot RTP% ratio and, fourth, learn more about its bonus and the special features.

6. How to ask for a drink when gambling on slots in Las Vegas?

Before entering a Las Vegas casino, check out whether players are served free drinks at the slot machines or you should instead use the bar. It will also depend on whether you play at a high-limit table with a private valet or whether you are a VIP player.

7. How to know when a slot machine will hit?

No one can say that a slot machine “must” hit a big jackpot/win because no one can actually predict or understand which will be the combination that the slot will choose to show. Still, some believe that you must bet big once you see the reels wiggle as it is believed supposedly the jackpot is going to fall.

8. What is the best day of the week to go to the casino?

The best time that you can choose to go to a casino is when the venue is as busy as possible, which means that Friday and Saturday nights, after 8:00 pm. You can always give it a try, and ask someone from the staff which is the best time of day to play slots too.

9. Do slots pay more at night?

Plenty of gamblers believe in this concept, yet there is no sure way to tell. It is a good idea to play when the venue is very busy and everyone is spinning the reels – weekends, after 08:00 pm would be the right one, according to many.

No time of day promises a win on slot machines (or any other casino games for that matter), so play for the sake of playing, and see where it takes you.

10. Which is the best time of the month to play slot machines?

The best time of the month to play slot machines is, in no way, different from the best time of day/week to play slots. It cannot be predicted and they all depend on the RNG. 

Further, it all depends on how much luck you’ve got and whether or not your favorite slot was won a few hours/days before. The longer the slot hasn’t been won, the bigger are chances for you to win it. It is not because you’ve played it at a particular time of day but simply because the bets have accumulated and are ready to burst.

11. How should I decide when to play slots?

While RNG is all the rage in every popular gameplay and the ultimate answer to every question regarding slots wins, there are some reasonable measures you can take that may, theoretically, increase your chances of winning and, therefore, help you decide when to play slots:

1. Play after determining your gambling budget

Before you can even decide the best time to go to the casino to play slots, you need to make sure you determine a gambling budget first, and only play with a budget you can afford.

You should play slots responsibly. Don’t be pulled in by the fact there’s a massive jackpot at stake; make sure you are gambling within your financial means! Set deposit limits at the casino. It will help you play safely and every time you play will be the best time to play slots at a land-based or an online casino.

2. Play when the Jackpot is high

When it comes to jackpot games, you should try when the jackpot is high! Considering this, the best time to go to the casino to play slots is when the jackpot is high! Of course, the actual time the jackpot is won is completely random and is not based on a certain time of day, date, or month – it is again your luck.

3. Play when the Jackpot hasn’t been won for long

If you’ve had your eye on a jackpot that hasn’t been won in a long time, then maybe this is the best time to play. Every jackpot has to be won after all, right?

4. Play when you’re in a good mood

Still, wondering what time of day is best to go to the casino? We would suggest when you’re in a good mood! Superstition aside, but – who wants to gamble in a bad mood anyway! Chances are bad mood isn’t going to get you far – not on your favorite slot machine, not in life. 

So, forget about all the when’s and why’s; better, put yourself in an awesome mood and play! Playing slots (and potentially winning them) is all about when you want to! And, keep in mind, this goes for all types of online gambling and casino games, not just slots.

5. Play prudently

We’ll once again, in conclusion, suggest you can play any time you like! Be smart about how much you bet, play to have fun, and you’ll get your win sooner than expected. Good luck!

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