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Best Solitaire Card Games for Mobile

Solitaire is game that grew in popularity when it was introduced as a game on computers. It was often used as a way to pass some time while sitting at a desk. Now, the game has grown even more with its introduction onto new platforms such as Android and iOS. This means that players can now access and play solitaire and its variations on their mobile devices and tablets.

If you need to know where or how to download or play Solitaire, look no further. Here is the ultimate guide for the budding Solitaire player, or old timer. You can choose to play the game online through a browser, or even download it straight to your mobile phone as an app.

What is Solitaire

Solitaire, or Patience, is a card game that can be played alone, or with others using a scoring system. In order to win, the player needs to manipulate a layout of cards to form the correct sequence. Most commonly, the game is played by arranging cards by suit from ace to king. This is done by the cards being dealt out in a certain manner, and then the player reorganizing them under prescribed rules.

Many players enjoy Solitaire as they can play it by themselves. Players can take their time and really enjoy the game without worrying about a dealer or competitor playing against them. However, there is an option to play against others. This is done using a scoring system and isn’t necessarily directly playing against each other.

The ability to play Solitaire sitting at your desk, with no obligations, is a big bonus for many. While some use it to pass the time, others are very serious about their Solitaire playing. Wherever you sit, there are online sites and apps for you to play at anytime you wish.

Where can I get Solitaire for my Mobile Device

Thanks to the internet, you can access solitaire games on your phone or tablet at pretty much anytime. Make sure you have a decent signal and you are ready to go. You can either choose to download the app to your phone, or play through your browser.


Downloading a Solitaire app straight to your phone means you permanently have access to your favourite game at any time. In order to download the app, you will need enough data or a good WiFi connection and enough space on your phone to store the game. You will always be logged into your account on the app, saving you the trouble of logging in each time you visit the site if need be.

Online Site

Choosing to play through your browser on an online site gives you a bit more freedom. You don’t have to use up space on your phone to play the game, and you aren’t really tied down to one either. However you will need a good internet connection each time you want to play, otherwise you will not be able to access the site. Many sites require you to create an account to use, this can become quite tedious if you change between different sites.

If you are using iOS, you need to use the Safari browser to access these sites, or download them from the Apple App Store.  For Android, Chrome is a good browser to use and the Play Store. Both iOS and Android should be able to play the majority, if not all, games out there in the market. Many games and apps also support devices such as Windows, Blackberry and Kindle. You should be able to easily change devices when playing.

Best Solitaire Games

There are many Solitaire games out there. It is difficult to find the best ones on the market because it is so saturated. Here is a list of the tried and tested Solitaire sites and apps for you to enjoy. Some are free to play and others need to be bought to download.

Free Online Solitaire

Free Online Solitaire is a great site for simple play. It doesn’t have too many settings to worry about and the game play and interface is simple and easy to use.

World of Solitaire

World of  Solitaire is one of the best sites to use. They have a great graphic that is easy to see and an interface that is easy to use. You even have the option of blocking ads.

Solitaire for Free

This is a great site if you are just looking for a good game of Solitaire with no distractions. It is easy to use and is very enjoyable.

Whether Solitaire is an old hobby of yours or if your are looking for something to pass the time, use these sites to test the water. It is a great game to pass time and to focus on something enjoyable.