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The best five Nigerian games to enjoy on your mobile phone

Games on Mobile

Last year the Nigerian gaming industry witnessed a great growth. Due to the growing penetration of smart phones across Nigeria and mobile broadband access that is cheaper and faster than it has been a few years earlier, developers have the opportunity to spread mobile games easily. The population of Nigeria is young, with more than 60% of the population being under 25 years old, and its locally produced movies and music both form a strong industry. As Nigeria has the world’s fastest growing mobile internet usage behind China and India, mobile video games are rapidly growing in popularity. The mobile gaming sector in Nigeria is projected to hit about $177 million by 2019, up from $91 million in 2014.

It is expected that social games will comprise 8.4% of the total video game revenue in Nigeria due to the usage of more mobile devices than consoles and PCs by players.

Here are the best five mobile games that were released last year showing the progress made in the Nigerian gaming industry. You can enjoy these mobile games on your smartphone with ease.

1. Gidi Run

Gidi Run

Gidi Run is a mobile game by Gamsole. The game, with a certain Subway Surfers feel to it, is set on the streets on Lagos. If you are familiar with the Danfo, commercial bus in Lagos then the game wouldn’t be so weird to you.

You are provided with three characters — a bus conductor, a policeman and even a Danfo to choose from and make your way through the streets avoiding obstacles. Gidi Run also has a championship mode that allows you drag scores with your Facebook friends. You can get Gidi Run from MTN.

2. Berry Quest Legend

Berry Quest Legend

Berry Quest Legend, was developed by David Oluyale and Lanre Oladipo. It is a kind of a virtual puzzle board game that combines a fruity feel with a stylish game play of the chess board.

When playing the game, berries are spread in different boxes across the board and “L” shaped moves are required for Knight Sam – the smiley pawn that moves across the game board to eat them. For every level, the “L” shaped moves are restricted to 9 times before the life runs out. This game app can be downloaded from Google Play store

3. Throne of Gods

Throne of Gods

Throne of gods is a combat game created by Akdogan Ali and Umusu Samson. The demo version or practice mode of the game is complete with a soundtrack and two characters.  An epic fighting game based on African mythology where you can witness the battle between African God and Goddesses. The creators of the game have set up a website where individuals/organisations that wish to support them in making the full version can donate funds. An update of the game which will introduce a female character is expected to be released soon. To download ‘Throne of gods’, you can visit the official website for the game.

4. Monkey Post

Monkey Post

Monkey Post is another interesting game from the makers of games like Oya Run, Chicken Escape and Jagun: Clash of Kingdoms among others.

The game is reminiscent of childhood days playing football in Nigeria. The closeness of the goal posts and the unofficial nature of the game are associated with the choice of name Monkey Post.

The first screen that pops up on the Monkey Post game is an assortment of options to choose from. These options include building a team, the kind of matches you wish to play, a score board and settings.

If you are familiar with Five-a-side football then Monkey Post will be an interesting game to you. The game play is easy for those gamers that play soccer on mobile phones. There are in app purchases in this game app where the coins and golden boots cost ₦100 apiece. At the time of writing this game was at its completion and to be released soon for download.

5. Aboki Run

Aboki Run

Maliyo Games, a Nigerian mobile gaming company released Aboki Run just in time for the festive period. The endless runner game reminds one of the likes of Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

In Aboki Run, players embark on a journey as they help three young friends, Danjuma, Gbenga and Chinedu, discover more about their ancestral home.

The game is a single-player game, which features multiple scenes including a cave, forest, town and a Christmas scene. The player’s objective is to gather as many coins as possible while avoiding obstacles on the way. You can have this game app from Google Play Store all on your smart phone.

So you see that Nigerian video game developers have been attempting to create games with a “distinctly local flavor.” For instance, local developer Maliyo Games builds games such as Okada Ride, “a game based on the ubiquitous delivery motorcycles that zip about the streets of Lagos.” Mosquito Smasher is a game focused on killing Malaria-spreading mosquitoes and is increasing awareness of the disease  According to Hugo Obi, co-creator of Maliyo Games, the company aims to “use game as an engine to share African experiences between ourselves and with the rest of the world through African narratives, sounds and characters.”

Similarly Kuluya is weaving its games around local myths and stories in order to portray the country’s rich and varied culture. Kuluya has also been developing games containing nods to other African countries, such as Kenya and South Africa.

That shows that with the increase of such beautiful games there will be a boom in the Nigerian gaming industry in years to come.