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Best Casino Games for iPhone

As the end of the year approaches, we thought it would be worthwhile to look back and give recognition to the best casino games for iPhones in 2017. There have been some great new additions to the scene, and some outstanding upgrades to already popular sites.

Players now have 24/7 access to their accounts

Mobile casinos have become a hit with South Africans. Having the ability to play anytime and anywhere is something that was not available before. Players now have 24/7 access to their accounts and are able to play their favourite games at home, at work or while traveling.

Due to its new popularity, the market for online casinos continues to grow. Because of this, it can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to decide which online site to use. You also need to be aware of the mobile device you are using, as the different platforms have different requirements when using these online mobile sites.

Or iPhone users, there are certain things you need to check before playing on these mobile casinos. First you need to make sure that your phone is able to access these sites such as updated software an data, and then to check that the mobile casino is compatible with an iPhone.

We will cover all of this here.

Mobile Casinos on iPhones – what you need to check

What you need to check on your iPhone

  1. You have updated software – The version of iOS on your phone needs to be one of the latest versions. Having an outdated version can cause problems when accessing these sites, speed, graphics and security may be compromised. You will be able to update your software on your phone, but try and be connected to WiFi when doing so.
  2. Data or WiFi – As like when browsing any site on your phone, you need to have enough data or a good connection to WiFi. Playing online requires internet connection and will use up data. Many players like to connect to their home WiFi when playing these games so they don’t pay so much for data.
  3. Use the correct browser – On your iPhone, it is recommended to use the safari browser to access these sites. This should be on your iPhone already, but if not it can be downloaded easily.
  4. Enough space on your iPhone – Some of the online casinos offer their games as mobile app downloads. If you choose to download the games directly to your phone, be sure to check you have enough storage space on your phone to do so.

What you need to check on the online casino site

  1. Compatibility – You will need to check that the online casino can be used on an iPhone, and if it offers optimal game play. This can usually be found quite easily on the online site.
  2. Safety and security – It is so important to read up and understand the safety and security features and procedures the online site has in place. You will more than likely be entering your credit card details or some form of payment method onto the site. You need to be sure that your details, and your money, will be safe.
  3. Available for app download – Some players might prefer to have the mobile casino available for download on their mobile phone. This means you don’t have to use your browser to play the game and you have instant access to it. Not all online casinos offer their games as an app download, so check the site before signing up if that is something you want.
  4. Devices – It is always a good idea to use a site that can be accessed and played on different devices. Check for compatibility with smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops and PC’s.

Best real money mobile casinos for iPhone 2017

Now that all the basics are covered, its time to find out what the best iPhone casinos are for players in 2017 so far.

  1. Springbok Casino – Springbok Casino is one of South Africa’s favourite sites. It has a current sign up bonus of nearly R11500 and is also available to play across many different devices, using the same account.
  2. – A very popular site. has a sign up bonus of up to R4000 and is well know for its great payout rates.
  3. Casino Las Vegas – Enjoy great customer support and a sign up bonus of R5000 with Casino Las Vegas. It has very secure banking options and it is a very trusted site.
  4. Yebo Casino – Another famous site in South Africa. A bonus of R12000 is on offer to new members. This site is great to play off of your iPhone.
  5. Thunderbolt Casino – This is a world-class site that is worth a try. A very competitive sign up bonus of R10000 is available to new members, as well as membership bonuses for those already signed up.

Always be on the safe side

Even though there are many reputable and amazing sites out there, remember that there will always be scammers. If you have a funny feeling about a site, always do research online to see if other players have had problems. Check up on the mobile casinos safety and security, as well as how they are regulated. Because online gambling is not technically legal in South Africa, these sites will be regulated by foreign countries. Check that the regulatory body is real and easily found.

Make sure the site you choose has a good customer support. You can also check up on this by doing a simple search to check other players reviews. If you encounter a problem on the site, you would want to make sure that you can get help fast.

Now you have the top 5 iPhone casinos sites, check them all out and choose the best one for you. Sit back at home and enjoy your favourite casino games (and winning real money), right at your fingertips.