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Best 8 South African apps you should have at all times

If you are tech savvy guy or gal and wish to know about the best South African apps then you have come to the right place. Whether you are a native of South Africa or you’re a traveller to the place these apps will help you at all times. So find below the best 8 apps of South African that you should have at all times on your smartphone.

1. XtracktMe -SOS Emergency Alert

Xtract Me App

As the name suggests this is one of emergency apps you need to have at all times. It helps you stay safe and is a tracking app with multiple features for emergency situations. You can send your map coordinates to your friends as a text message using the XtractMe app.

The app also includes a child/phone tracking service. In situations when you do not feel safe, just enable the Watch Over Me feature on the XtracktMe app and set timer for your friends or family members to watch over you.

You can even choose to mark yourself safe if you consider that you are safe and no longer in a danger situation. XtracktMe is a very useful personal emergency S.O.S distress signal and GPS locator app. The app offers unique benefits in emergency situations. This security application has been developed to improve both you and your family’s safety. This app links to your security service for maximum benefit and quicker response times when you need it most. You have an SOS button on the app for anyone to use it and call for help when they need it. You can turn on GPS anytime and allow anyone to track your real-time location. You can have this app free to download from Google Play store.

2. Yellow Pages SA

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages SA is a South African app which helps you connect to the best businesses in your area, fast. With thisapp you will have all important contact info and tools at your fingertips like GPS Navigation, Maps, Telephone Directory, plus more. This is the trusted Yellow Pages book everyone knows and loves, combined with modern technology, and shrinked to fit right into your pocket. Have this app from Google Play store all free.

3. Map of South Africa

Map of South Africa

Map of South Africa is another must app you should have at all times. The best thing of this app is that it works offline without connecting to the Internet. You can find highly detailed maps that are adapted to work with mobile devices, you can determine your location using GPS, share your location with friends and family get free updates and much more. Download this wonderful app from Google Play.

4. 2go Mobile App

2go is a mobile app that gives a platform for texting, exchanging pictures and engaging in live chats at absolutely no cost via mobile phones. It was started a few years ago by two computer science students from South Africa. Currently, it has grown such that it receives over 50, 000 new sign-ups on a daily basis, with over 30 million active users from Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.  Download this app today from Google Play Store.

5. News24

News 24

News24 app offers a direct feed of news from South Africa and the rest of the world to its users. You can have news feed and customize according to your choice. Also can share the links of different posts on social media and with your friends. Best app to stay tuned to the latest here. Have this app all free to download from Google Play.

6. FNB Banking

FNB Banking

FNB banking is the first banking application from South Africa; and is generally owned and controlled by the FNB. The application works on smart phones, by providing an easy, secure and convenient way of accessing vital information concerning your bank account from anywhere and at any time. You can make and authorize payment any time, pay for purchases, manage your accounts, withdraw cash without a card, also send and receive global payments. Have this free app from Google Play

7. Blow the Whistle

Blow the Whistle

This is one of the safest app for women as rape abuse on the rise so just blow the whistle here. It is South Africa’s premier guardian app, allowing your friends and family to watch over you when you need them.  Tell your guardians about your journey and Blow the Whistle will notify them with your location if you haven’t arrived. Select up to four guardians and press the panic button when in danger. Download this app at Google play.

8. Unitehood


Unitehood is a safety application that keeps you connected to all your friends and family members at all time for protection or security purposes. Using this application, you can signal your connected friends for help as long as they’re within a locus of 5km from where you are. Generally, the application comes with 5 distinct functions: crime, assistance, panic, track me and track suspect. On top of that, there’s an in-app messaging feature that allows you to chat with, or message, all your friends.  Get this app today from Google app store

These apps will really be beneficial to you and you need to keep them updated at all times. Few of these apps also work on iOS devices and you need to check their availability at iTunes apps tore in case you have Apple device such as iPhone. Otherwise all of these work fine with Android smartphones.