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Best 5 Beaches in Morocco

There are many tourists initially visited Morocco with hope of treasure-filled souks and starlit nights in the Sahara Desert. But this country has much more than this which includes its fair share of beautiful and breathtaking beaches. In this piece of information, I have talked about 5 the best Moroccan beaches for spending a vacation.

1. Sidi Kaouki Beach, Sidi Kaouki

It is a sleepy surf town of Sidi Kaouki, which is located nearly 25 kilometers south of Essaouira. The beach here is calm and with strong Atlantic winds. It is a great place and mostly this beach gets too crowded. You can enjoy picturesque sand dunes, long stretches of sand and you can also hire sun loungers and surfboards to enjoy the calm beach. Here you can also see ubiquitous horse and camel touts and can take a stroll to the north of the beach to unearth amazing rock pools at low tide. In addition, you can also head towards south to a small river where you can view wild flamingos in winter.

2. Tagharte Beach, Essaouira

Tagharte Beach is the major beach which is also known as popular vacation center Essaouira of Morocco located on central Atlantic coast. It is also popular for its water quality and cleanliness which spreads over 6 miles (10 kilometers) of beautiful golden sand. In this large space, there’s room for everyone even in peak times. In this beach, due to so much cleanliness, the water is relatively cold and it offers better swimming beaches with very few rivals. You can experience strong winds here creating favorable year-round conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing. You can even sign up online for a lesson or rent a board at one of the local surf shops. You can even join the locals playing beach football to enjoy the game and spend quality time with loads of activity. Camel and horse rides are also there to entertain you.

3. Saïdia Beach, Saïdia

This is a resort-based town of Saïdia which is found in northern Morocco close to the Algerian border. It is mostly not much visited by the international visitors, but savvy Moroccans visit this place in summer to enjoy blue flag acclaimed Saïdia Beach. Stretched over 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) it’s one of the longest beaches in the country and its Mediterranean touch keeps the climate pleasant even in summer. You can go for a swim or visit this place for a picnic to enjoy in the amazing groves of eucalyptus and mimosa. There is Moulouya national Park also located to the west of the beach which you can visit. Saïdia itself features a complete range of amenities including an 18-hole golf course a selection of 5-star resorts and a marina. 

4. Paradise Beach, Asilah

This beach is also termed as Rmilate Beach or Playa de las Cuevas, which is a relaxation destination for thousands of visitors to the fortified seaside town of Asilah. Located 7 kilometers south of the town center, you can board a shared taxi, hire a 4×4 or catch a ride on a traditional horse and cart to reach this place. You can also visit several nearby beaches like Asilah’s own town beach, Paradise is worth visiting because of its clean and uncrowded beauty. In summertime, you can find cold drinks and fresh seafood tagines also and also can get a rental umbrella to get respite from the heat.

Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni

Legzira Beach is located on the southern Atlantic coast, just 20 minutes’ drive northeast of former Spanish outpost Sidi Ifni. It’s known for its ancient sandstone arches, one of which fell in 2016. The other arches are still there with some breath-taking cliffs. You would admire the contrast of the red stone with the blue ocean stretched out before you. A stairway goes down to the secluded and sandy bay. This is the most picturesque beach especially attractive at sunset when the cliffs glow red in the fading light. In the day time, it remains a popular spot for romantic strolls, surfing, and paragliding. You will find here local cafés along the beach and also find surf shops in Sidi Ifni that provide guided tours, lessons, and rentals.


These are some of the spectacular and amazing beaches located in Morocco widely known for its beauty and cleanliness. Do not miss to visit and enjoy these beaches if you ever plan a vacation to Morocco.