All about Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the widely played and popular online casino games. Mostly it is played at land-based casinos and now it has taken roots in online casinos too. It is found in a range of different variants.

History of Blackjack

The origin of this game dates back to an old game called “Vingt-en-un (“21”) which was popular in France in the early seventeenth century. In addition, an Italian game, called “seven and a half” is also played in the same time, where the players had to add the values of the cards in their hand and this concept has been added into the blackjack game. After French Revolution, blackjack was introduced to the US where it gained a lot of traction. You can play it online as well as at Mobile Casinos.

Card in Blackjack


Every card used in this game has some value and these are added together to create a cumulative total hand value. Face cards have a value of ten and Aces displays a value of one or eleven as per the value of the other cards in the hand.

Focus of Game

The major task of the game of blackjack is to acquire a hand total of closer to 21 than the dealer without going over (bust). Blackjack, which is an Ace and a ten, is the highest hand value that can be achieved.

How to Play BackJack

Every player has two cards face down and the dealer has one card face down and one face up. To start with, each player plays their hand. There are many choices that a player has and many of it depends on the casino you are playing the game and the rules implied on each player. You may opt for an insurance bet if the dealer’s face up-card is an Ace. You can get a payout if the dealer’s card is Blackjack. You may get some casinos where you need to surrender which is called an early surrender or can also become a late surrender when the dealer checks his hand before and after you surrender. You may also split two similar cards, and place one more bet playing these as two separate hands. You can double your bid in exchange for only one extra card.

Usually, you receive no more cards and end your turn or hit and receive another card until it goes bust or stands. After you have completed your turns, it’s time for the dealer to play. All the hands are compared to the dealer’s hands and the winners are paid out. This is quite simple and exciting to try your hands on Blackjack.