8 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day

8 Gifts to Buy This Mother's Day
What To Buy This Mother’s Day

Let’s face it

Your 5-year-old is not going to buy his mom an expensive perfume for Mother’s Day. He might come home with a card that he made at school, and while she might love this, she definitely expects that extra gift from you. Here are 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day.


You might be lucky enough to still have your mom in your life. While you might not live with her, you can truly appreciate as a parent everything she put into making you who you are today. Take a little time to choose the right gift for her. After all, she did put up with you for all those years.

Being a mom is tough. As difficult as it is for men to understand sometimes, women, especially moms, need to feel a little appreciated now and again. If you often find yourself too busy to show your appreciation often, even if you have all the right intentions to do so, Mother’s Day is the best chance you have at doing so.

8 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day

There are so many great gifts that can be given on Mother’s Day. You really shouldn’t have a tough time figuring out what to buy her. But to help out a little, here is a list of thoughtful and special gifts to give your mom, and your wife, this Mother’s Day.

This is the best time to show that special mom in your life how much you care, and that you do appreciate everything they do.

1. Flowers

Flowers -8 Gifts to Buy This Mother's Day

No, we don’t mean flowers bought at Spar on your rush home. We mean special, gifted Netflorist-type flowers delivered directly to her door. This will make her feel super special. Why not send her a special bunch the Friday before as a prelude to Mother’s Day? She will absolutely love receiving the flowers in front of everyone else at the office and it is a sure way to make her feel as special as possible. Why not throw in a card with a personalized message while you’re at it – go big or go home! One of the fragrance 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day.

2. Personalized Jewellery

8 Gifts to Buy This Mothers Day
Personalized Jewellery

There are so many crafters and specialized jewellery makers out there who are more than happy to make a commissioned piece of jewellery. Not only will this be handmade, but it will be a special, personal piece. If there is a certain stone she likes best or a saying she loves, have these built into the piece? It is a surefire way to make her happy. It really doesn’t have to be expensive either. A silver-plated piece can cost a couple of hundred Rand and doesn’t have to break the bank. The meaning behind the piece will be so much more important than the value itself. This is one of the 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day.

3. Perfume

Perfume -8 Gifts to Buy This Mother's Day

You cannot go wrong with perfume. Unless of course, you choose a scent she hates. To avoid this, pay attention to the perfume she wears, or go window shopping with her beforehand. This is one of the 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day. She will more than likely drop some hints if there is a specific perfume she wants – so don’t lose focus! If she is really fussy, ask her outright. This way, she is getting the perfume she wants, and you won’t have a grumpy mom on Mother’s Day. Watch out though, some perfumes can be astronomical in price.

4. Spa Vouchers

Spa Vouchers -This is one of the 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother's Day.
Spa Vouchers

Every mom will love a day at a spa. Whether it is a foot massage, hot stone massage or a package deal, it is a gift that will not go unappreciated. Give her the chance to unwind and relax, without the kids nagging and every other stress she has to deal with. If you think she will be up to it, why not go along for the spa treatment? This is one of the 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother’s Day.

A couples retreat is always fun (obviously this is different if it is your actual mom you are buying the gift for). There are some really awesome overnight spas that include meals as well. This might be an experience you won’t get very often. Expensive, but definitely worth the money if you can afford to spend it.

5. Shopping Voucher

Shopping Voucher -This is one of the 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother's Day.
Shopping Voucher

Some moms know what they want, and want to get it themselves. If the mom in your life is like that, you cannot go wrong with a shopping voucher. What is cool about most mall shopping vouchers is that they are the same as debit cards. They can be used pretty much anywhere. Even to fill up petrol. There might be an additional charge for using it outside the mall it was bought at, but it does offer up more freedom. Let her choose her own gifts and enjoy a shopping spree with you. And please don’t let her use it to fill up with petrol.

6. Weekend Away

This is one of the 8 Gifts to Buy This Mother's Day.
Weekend Away

Go alone or with the family, find a suited accommodation away from the hustle and bustle, and let her relax. Take care of the packing, booking and meals. Let her be the focus of the holiday and do what she wants to do. A break away from ordinary life might be exactly what she needs and can be a treat for the whole family.

7. Gin box

Gin box -8 Gifts to Buy This Mother's Day
Gin box

Gin is so in right now. You can actually subscribe to monthly gin boxes. You are also able to order these once off. Each box contains a different gin, mix and any other added fruits or flavours, and even a special gin glass. It is definitely the best gift to go for if she loves her gin.

8. Online casino voucher

Online casino voucher
Online casino voucher

If she enjoys dabbling in online gambling, why not deposit some money into her account that she can play with? For some, this is the perfect gift, and if both of you are lucky, she might win some extra money!

There are more than enough suitable gifts for every different mom to choose from. There is no excuse as to why you didn’t show up with anything. While the kiddie’s cards and paper flowers will always mean the most to her, she still wants to know that everything she does is appreciated by you.

Take this opportunity to say thanks.


Here we discussed some great gift ideas to consider when shopping for Mother’s Day. The suggestions range from classic gifts like flowers and jewelry to more unique ideas like personalized photo gifts, spa treatments, and kitchen gadgets. The article emphasizes the importance of selecting a gift that is meaningful and tailored to the recipient’s interests and preferences, rather than simply buying something generic.

Additionally, it suggests considering experiences or activities that can be enjoyed together as a way to make the day even more special. Ultimately, the article encourages readers to take the time to show their appreciation and gratitude for their mothers or mother figures on this special day.

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