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7 Things You Must Do at The Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World

7 Things You Must Do at The Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World
7 Things You Must Do at The Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World

Fantastic! You have just set a date for your trip to Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World! Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World is a top-class entertainment and casino complex located in Ekurhuleni in eastern Gauteng. Themed as a circus, the main casino is housed in stylized large big top circus tents festively decorated with roller-coaster models, clown murals and a kaleidoscope of colorful lights. Within the Carnival City complex, there is a large casino, a hotel, a wide choice of restaurants and bars and the 3,500 seater Big Top Arena.

Carnival City

You have probably heard about the destination from a number of people you know, but now that it is time to go, you may not know exactly what to do. Here are 7 things you must do when you visit the destination.

1. Magic Bar

The Magic Bar is another must-go bar at The Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World. In addition to having an enchanting atmosphere, the bar makes it extra special by having a real magician perform on weekends.

2. Sweets from Heaven

This candy store will bring out the kid in you again. In fact, it will also bring out the kid in your own kids. Cute, whimsical, and quaint, Sweets from Heaven will satisfy your sweet tooth any hour of the day. The problem will not be getting you into the store, necessarily, but getting you out of it.

3. Ster-Kinekor Cinemas

If you are going to The Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World, Ster-Kinkor Cinemas is a necessary stop. The theater is top-notch and offers the best movie-going experience one can have.

Don’t wait to watch the latest film at a cinema near your home and miss out on all of the ways Ster Kinekor makes it that much better.

4. Kidzone

Did you know that the Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World is also kid-friendly? In the KidZonee, children aged from six weeks to four years are supervised while parents go shopping or attend events.

Children between three and 12 years are fully supervised. Young guests will have an extreme amount of fun riding the train, the elephants, and the carousel.

4. Magic Company Arcade

The Magic Company Arcade is a place for the entire family to enjoy! The cosmic ten-pin bowling is perfect for families with a competitive edge. Go-kart with your kids for something extra exciting. Looking for a challenge? Test your skills on the miniature golf course! Only fun awaits.

5. The Casino

And, of course, if you are going to visit The Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World, you will have to go to the casino.

This gaming and entertainment facility offers more than 1,750 gaming machines and 60 High-tech tables, providing you with all the games you love.

Try your hand at Baccarat which has three betting options: the Player, the Bank or Tie/egalite. Played with eight decks of cards, the object is to get a point count closest to 9. The dealer will deal four cards when the bets are ready – the first and third are the player’s hand and second and fourth are the banker’s hand. The player’s hand is delivered to the player with the highest bet on that hand, and the same applies to the banker’s hand.

6. Carnival Bar

You cannot go to The Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World and not go to the Carnival Bar. Go inside and find yourself situated in a classic Carnival scene. Take a seat and enjoy the live performances on stage. Carnival Bar which has regular live music performances and the glitzy Show Bar.

Visit on Wednesday afternoon and/or night and view the multi-talented live bands. Another perk the bar has is its non-smoking policy, which is perfect for those who are sensitive.

7. Enjoy Whackhead’s Comedy Club

Have some fun and laughter at Whackhead comedy club with Darren ‘Whackhead’ Simpson. Opened in August 2016, Whackhead’s Comedy Club is located within Carnival City’s first gastropub, Bru’s.  Also, enjoy a burger before you catch the best of local stand-up comedy at Whackhead’s Comedy Club.


What makes these places entertaining and full of fun is its attractions that you must not miss out watching. Next time when you plan to visit The Carnival City and Entertainment World do not miss watching these things out!