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7 Popular Annual Music Festivals in Cape Town

Cape Town is known for organizing some event or the other every now and then. It is a music lover’s paradise. It is one of the most happening places in South Africa from festivals to concerts to comedy nights. When it comes to music concerts, it is always happening somewhere or the other. I have assembled the list of 8 musical events happening in Cape Town when you visit if you are a music lover.

1. Cape Town International Jazz Festival

The Cape Town Jazz Fest is one of the world’s biggest jazz festivals. This festival takes place in March each year, with several local and greatest international jazz acts are performed to venues all over the city. It is the biggest music event in sub-Saharan Africa.

2. Cape Town Folk ‘N Acoustic Festival

The Folk ‘n Acoustic Festival is not that grand but it is equally popular with rather local touch. Organized any time between February and August, this festival features concert-style performances in an intimate, seated venue. You happen to see the country’s best folk and acoustic acts that take the stage in the style of a ‘70s folk concert, where all artists performed solo or duo sets, which is completely acoustic.

3. December Vortex

Vortex is a seasoned veteran of the trance scene, with a history of two decades of events. It is organized in December every year, with the next event over Easter weekend. It also has an outdoor festival that takes place in a valley located between mountains and river, and here the greatest psy-trance and electronic acts are performed every year.

4. Earthdance

Earthdance is yet another music festival being organized in September every year. Cape Town is well known for its trance parties and festivals. This festival is all about peace and love. It is organized on a holiday resort about two hours out of town. This event is organized over 60 countries in 300 Earthdance events. All of which are combined in a prayer form for peace at a given time.

5. Kirstenbosch Summer Concert Series

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens conducts a series of summer concerts. In such events the visitors relax on the sunny lawns on blankets, accompanied by picnic baskets and coolers full of wine and beer to enjoy South Africa’s most well-known musical concerts. These concerts are vibrant and you cannot afford to miss it if you happen to visit Cape Town between November and January.

6. RTD

You can enjoy RTD (Rocking the Daisies) even every October, with the wildflowers in bloom. This event is organized by the Cloof Wine Estate, which is South Africa’s biggest outdoor gathering where hundreds of acts are performed over a number of stages. It includes rock, hip-hop, indie, electro, pop, and everything in-between. It is one of the most popular events in Cape Town featuring excellent headlines, both local and international.

7. Up The Creek

You can enjoy this event while lazing on an inflatable pool lounger in the sunshine, sipping your favorite cocktail and on the river’s edge a band plays soulful rock ‘n roll. This event is held every January with a concept to offer utmost fun and relaxation. If you like to wet, this is the concert you would look forward to. Here you can enjoy pop, indie folk, and a couple of DJs. In this event, you can have a quieter more intimate experience than most outdoor festivals.


If you plan to visit Cape Town this year, better not to miss out visiting these musical events and excellent trances especially if you are a music lover!