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7 Most Popular Games to Play if you’re bored during Quarantine

These days, unless you are living under a rock, you might be well aware of the pandemic that has horrified and haunted the whole world and not just a single nation. Due to this, we are all inclined to stay in our homes so that the doctors can find out a cure for the virus and we stop spreading it by practicing social distancing.

However, this practice has made us bored in our lives and thus we all are craving for a little thrill in our lives. So it would be nice to have some fun and thrill in our day-to-day lives amidst all the self-isolation practices. Hence, anything becomes fun when you are bored enough in this isolating situation. So below is the ranking of card games that will be able to entertain you and your family for days and weeks:

1. Battlestar Galactica Slot by Microgaming

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Battlestar Galactica Slot by Microgaming

This game is inspired by the famous Glen Larson 1978 original TV series, Battlestar Galactica. The Battlestar Galactica Online Slot is created by Microgaming. There are around 243 ways to win cash while you are on your way to defend the human race from the evil Cylons. It has 243 paylines with 5 reels and also many bonuses.

Features, Specials, and Symbols

Except the scatter, in this game you will have a Wild symbol that can replace all the other symbols that will stack on the reel one. The randomly occurring Ion Storm will reward you around five reels to become wild. There is also the option for the evolution of the game from ‘Normal Mode’ to ‘Run Mode’. 15 free spins are awarded if you land on three or more scatter symbols which if played with a triple multiplier will earn some serious profits.

2. Buster Hammer Carnival

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Buster Hammer Carnival

Created by Chance Interactive, this funny new slot will make you happy for as long as you keep playing it. The sequel to Buster Hammer that was released in 2016 this is developed in association with the NextGen Gaming. This game will surprise you with different features such as multiple wild reels, higher winning potential, and a bigger game window.

This game can be played from 0.50 coins with more than 3125 ways to win. Hence, when this game enters the higher numbers, its prizes increase on a 5×8 format that contains 32768 ways to win in a free spin round. However, due to the inclusion of cost to the bet per spin option in the Wild Striker feature of the game can convert more reels wild.

The fundamentals of this game are to hit a hammer on reel three which will activate the Buster. This Buster then in result will turn two to five reel positions into a wild symbol. The hammer symbols will be added to reels four and two when the Buster Bet is played on reels four and two respectively.

3. Thor’s Lightning

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Thor’s Lightning

A journey to the Norse mythology, Thor’s Lightning is a slot created by Red Tiger Gaming. It has a stunning 7×7 game grid, many free spins, cascading symbols.

Two random features and two types of free spins will keep you on your toes all through the gameplay where you can win up to 1,800x your stake in a single spin.

On hitting the winning clusters adjacent to the 3×3 free spins icon in the middle of the game grid, you will get the free spin.

4. Girls with Gun Slots

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Girls with Gun Slots

With the theme of a Central American location, Girls With Guns is inspired by the amazing 70’s television show featuring three women sleuths solving several crimes in and around Los Angeles.

You will find six girls and the action is more intense. With excellent graphics, every character has a movie linked with them manifesting their specific talent.

This is a 243 pay lines with five reels slots. You have to land two or more symbols in a pay-line to win a game.

Bonus Features

Free Spins

On hitting three or more grenade scatter symbols you will receive 15 free spins. On every spin, any one reel turns into an expanding wild manifesting a girl brandishing her weapon.

You can also retrigger the spins if you land three more scatter symbols in the bonus round.

It also has a special wild which is an image of girls that only appears on reel three in normal gameplay. When it appears, all the symbols on that reel go wild.

5. Super Gorilla

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Super Gorilla

It is one of the highest paying free slots apps with the biggest jackpots!

How to Play

You can play this game offline also once downloaded. Super Gorilla is released by Rocket Games, a leader with many popular casino games. This is the best way if you are looking for a fun way to pass your downtime or just want a fun slots game that pays out well.

6. Slots Royale

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Slots Royale

This title features 6 paying machines and some top bonus games including Offline Wheel of Fortune simulator. You can bet heavy using multiple paylines and play 5 paylines in slots.

You will enjoy a virtual shopping experience and spend frivolously on items for you and your friends. Playing this game, you can send and receive gifts in slots machines.

Playing on social media platforms will let you share the game and compete for the best score between you and your friends.

Players praise the game for its quality high-definition graphics and for the real ability to win and spend virtual money.

Introduced by Mywavia Studios, this title is designed for use by Teens and older due to the simulated gambling theme. The game is also popular due to its appearance as a real slot machine.

7. Slots Heaven

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Slots Heaven

This slot is a popular free slot machine app wherein you can collect free coins daily. It also offers bonus games and Huge Jackpots free. One of the greatest benefits of Slots Heaven is that you can play this slot without any internet connection or access to Wi-Fi.

Slots Heaven is compatible with your Android 2.2 and higher as well as on Nexus and Samsung tablets. Introduced by Super Lucky Casino, this is just one of the many popular Vegas-style casino games that this company has offered.


These are some of the most engaging and entertaining slot machines that you can download on your handset and get engaged while social-distancing and self-isolation. It will not only help you spend time easily but will also keep you away from boredom.