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6 Safe Tips when Playing at Online Casinos in SA in Covid-19

Safety is a necessary part when it comes to online betting sites. You must remember that it’s not all on the betting site you’re using. Here are some suggested tips that you should follow to help keep yourself safe while enjoying your sports betting online.

6 safety tips when playing at online casinos in SA in Covid-19.

1. Use strong passwords

For any online betting sites, you visit, make sure to utilize a strong password. When creating your password, try to make it as long and complicated as possible. Use a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, and symbols when making it. If possible, you should also use a service like LastPass to help you craft a very strong password. What you want to avoid is using simple passwords like “casino1.” These are quite easy guesses. The stronger that your password is, the less likely cybercriminals can hack it.

2. Make unique passwords

As you make your password for your safe betting site, be sure it’s not a password that you’re already using. Don’t keep your betting site password be the same as your Gmail login one. This is a good practice, as it helps reduce the likelihood of cybercriminals hacking into your betting site if they somehow gain access to your Gmail password. We understand that it’s trouble to remember a million different passwords. However, this is the safest way. To help things, you might use a password manager like LastPass to help you securely manage all passwords.

3. Change password regularly

Another good idea to help you stay safe is for you to change your betting site password frequently. This is yet another good practice that will lessen the likelihood of your account being hacked. Even if you set a strong password initially, it’s a good idea to still update it every one to two months to protect your account.

4. Use two-step verification

A great way to help protect yourself is through the use of two-step verification. With this idea, it will take two steps for your account to be accessed. This is a great thing to have in place as it will block anyone that has gained access to your password.

Here’s how it works: first, you’ll need to establish two-step verification with your betting site. While many websites offer this, many may not. If it is offered, you’ll then decide if you want your second step to be via text or email. Once done, you’ll start the process by entering your secure password on the website. Then, the betting site will either text or email you with a code that must be entered for you to get into the website. Without this secondary code, you can’t gain access.

In a nutshell, two-step verification is an excellent idea for all accounts with secure information. If possible, use it for your email, bank, and betting accounts.

5. Track your accounts

Another good tip is to make sure that you’re monitoring your banking and betting accounts regularly to ensure that no unauthorized transactions are taking place. You can do this manually by logging in, but in many cases, there is a better way. Instead, consider signing up for account messages. Using these, you’ll get a text or email message each time that there is activity on your account. This can help you to quickly react if something is not right as opposed to catching it days or weeks later.

6. Don’t click on unknown emails

Phishing scams are a general way that cybercriminals attempt to defraud their victims. With this type of fraud, you will receive emails that look they might be from an official source like your bank or betting site. However, many times, they are not safe. Often, if you click on links in the email, it will give the cybercriminals access to your private computer data, which may include passwords and more. If you’re ever unsure about an email, don’t click the links within it until you confirm with the source of the email that it is legit.


These are some of the strong and proven are 6 safety tips when playing at online casinos in SA in COVID-19.