6 Offbeat Things to do in South Africa

Let’s find out and enjoy the out-of-the-way spaces and places i.e., non-touristy things in South Africa that haven’t yet discussed by anyone.  Although every place is gifted with such things, in South Africa, there’s so much to explore and see that you won’t have to share with others.

Offbeat Things to do in South Africa

  1. Hike in Boosmansbos and Grootvadersbosch Wilderness
Offbeat Things to do in South Africa

I am sure not many of the South Africans know about the Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve. Chances are you are the lonely person out there in the reserve, as long as you come here out of season.

You cannot imagine of a better and beautiful non-touristy thing in South Africa than a hike along the side paths of indigenous forest in the Langeberg. The reserve is not that large, but it is close to Boosmansbos Wilderness, a UNESCO World Heritage place with 70 km of unmarked trails which only 12 hikers are allowed at a time, and this makes it just magnificent.

  1. Explore the Aukoerebis ‘place of noise’
Explore the Aukoerebis ‘place of noise’

The Augrabies Fall of Gariep River, when in its full swing, creates a momentous crashing noise simile to that of the sea, when it hits the rocks with full strength making its way down 90 odd meters and into a huge 18 km granite canyon.

This is a great and amazing moment when the river hurtles its turgid, soaring self through the narrow gorge at a fast pace. You can view it at sunrise or sunset and beyond the gorge are roads that head, to quote Jacques Marais, ‘into an extra-terrestrial melee of rock and dust and Tim Burton botany’.

  1. Attend the Easter Passion play in Lady Grey
Attend the Easter Passion play in Lady Grey

Lady Grey is a beautiful, historical rural town in the foothills of the Witteberg Mountains on the border between the Eastern Cape and the Free State close to the border with Lesotho.

It’s little off the tourist’s route although, this Easter passion play strive to restore the religious character of Easter and it is played in the streets and environs of Lady Grey, so better to book your place to say before time.

  1. Get a Pair of Vellies in Wuppertal
Get a Pair of Vellies in Wuppertal

If you are not aware of the legendary veldskoen, now it the time to have an in-depth idea of the Afrikaner inspired shoe, made from hiding; worn in the veld.

Deep in the Cederberg, situated almost 3 hours’ from Cape Town, is a Rhenish/Moravian mission village also known as Wuppertal, and here you will find a veldskoen factory, introduced in 1836, that still makes shoes.

Ordering ahead will be wise as it is not sure you will find one pair in your size even if you pay a visit there, staying overnight, and perhaps risking a donkey cart trip over the Pakhuis Pass.

  1. Drive Up the Highest Mountain Passes in South Africa
Drakensberg Mountain

Ascending the magnificent Drakensberg Mountain through a series of zig-zag curves that are the Sani Pass can be the one nob-touristy thing to do. It is also called as the ‘roof of Africa’s the views from 3200 metres above sea level is something just spectacular.

Through this passage, you can explore a steep rough track with hairpin bends, tight switchbacks, and view of snow-covered mountain tips if you plan to visit in colder months and, and there are several pulls over spots for photography.

  1. Watch the Whales on Almost Isolated Beach

For coastline whale watching De Hoop Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful places along the Wale coast.

This site is equipped with fynbos (proteas, restios, ericas, and heather), a Ramsar listed wetland, and a number of momentous sand dunes. All these make this beach one of the best whale viewing sites in the country. You can literally lie and watch whole pods of whales offshore, their tails, and fins.

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