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6 Attractive yet Less Travelled Places in Cape Town

Do you know there is much more to Cape Town than its top tourist destinations? There are several other towns that are actually not known by most of the tourists. These include Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront, Kirstenbosch, Robben Island – all these are packed with natural beauty and its beaches.

Let’s dig a little deeper into a series of unusual landmarks, buildings and places to understand there places that are less known! Here are the top 6 less travelled places in Cape Town!

1. Constantia’s Die Hel

One of Constantia’s nine public walking trails, this trail is also known as the Constantia Green Belt. You can have a walk on these country-style walks through forests, across streams and through grassy vales, the most popular of which is Alphen Walk alongside the hotel. If you wish to stroll this around walk in groups, not alone.

2. The Hippos of Rondevlei

This Hippos of Rondevlei lies on the outer skirt of Grassy Park and Zeekoevlei, the city where the nature reserve lies. Because of its location, it is not visited by many tourists. Still, better to reach as early as possible in the mornings and chances are you might see one of the hippos that make the vlei their home.

3. Tamboerskloof Farm

This farm is located on the slopes of Suburban Tamboerskloof and it also termed as Erf 81. Acting as an ‘eco-village’ for more than 20 years, this farm nestles on Signal Hill but functions much more than a just a farm. It works as temporary refuge to abandoned people and animals. It also serves as art studios and it is native to an organic vegetable community – Tyisa Nabanye. So this place could be a great tourist attraction, less travelled.

4. We Are Still Here Memorial

This memorial mosaic is built in the memory of the 7 000 children of all races sold as indentured labourers, long after slavery was abolished, in the Cape Colony. Here you will find a range of street art that includes some of the thousands of adverts for orphaned and destitute children published in the Cape Government Gazette between 1841 and 1921. It is also a great historical significance to visit.

5. Noordhoek Milkwood Forest

This Milkwood forest is nestled on the lower slopes of Chapman’s Peak. Most of it lies within Monkey Valley Resort where the guest cottages lie in amongst the trees. Dense forests of Milkwood trees stretches along the coastline and bays of Cape Town, especially Noordhoek, Macassar and Gordons Bay.

6. Slangkop Lighthouse

Yes, this is true! You can actually climb Slangkop Lighthouse and Slangkop lighthouse is one such destination which is still manned by a light-keeper. This is the tallest lighthouse on the South African coastline located on the rocks just beyond Kommetjie with a revolving electric lantern that flashes four times every thirty seconds. Visiting this lighthouse can be a great pleasure as you can spot pelagic seabirds from here.


There are some of the less travelled yet excellent tourist spots you can visit in Cape Town to make your vacation something unique and offbeat!