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6 African Apps that connects people together when in need

African Apps

Mobile Apps have a special place for the Africans. It is estimated that number of people who own cellphones in Africa is as high as 750 million (though cellphone usage is not equally distributed in parts of eastern and southern Africa) the mobile apps are basically used for education and agriculture purposes. Here are 6 such kind of apps that connects people together when in need.

1. i Cow App

i Cow App

Download by calling *285#

This app is widely used to connect dairy farmers in Africa. Developed by a Kenyan farmer, this SMS and voice only mobile app sends prompts to farmers to collect and store milk within the days of a cow’s cycle. Farmers are also sent information on the best dairy practices. This app runs on all cellphones.

You can have this available as a subscription service through *285# to help enhance productivity in milk and produce.

A local dairy farm owner can register each cow free of charge through the iCow portal and receive SMS about the breeding patterns of their livestock. After receiving such vital information, the farm owner can relay the information to the person managing the livestock.

2. Frontline SMS

Download Here

Frontline SMS

Frontline SMS, is an open-source software that allows NGOs to communicate with people in areas lacking internet access. It was first started in 2004 when Ken Banks was working on a conservation effort in South Africa’s Kruger National Park and the NGOs were finding it difficult to communicate with the locals  as it was tough to travel great distances.

Banks also  discovered that many locals had cellphones, yet no way to connect to the internet. Frontline SMS, software supports text messages from cellphones and computers without the use of internet. The app has since grown to include Frontline SMS:Credit, Frontline SMS:Learn, Frontline SMS:Legal, Frontline SMS:Medic, and Frontline SMS:Radio. Till date frontline SMS has been downloaded over 20,000 times and has helped countless organizations improve communication in remote areas. This app works on Android devices only.

3. Mimba Bora App

Download Here

Mimba Bora App

This app created by MTL systems is best app to assist when in need during pregnancy. Expectant mothers will find all the information they need to have a healthy pregnancy. Basically this app target women of rural areas who find it difficult to locate clinics or access information on pregnancy and childbirth.

The would be mother need to register herself with the app to receive information on the clinics nearest to her and advise on when she should visit. During her pregnancy, she will also receive helpful tips on how to deal with her changing body, and learn about how her child is developing.

Mimba Bora also supports HIV-positive mothers, and provides all users with special access to information regarding health insurance, lamaze classes, counseling, legal services, and more.

4. Afrinolly App

Afrinolly App

Afrinolly  app is for Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry smartphone users where you can have access to all films and movies with a special focus on Nollywood. The app, created by Chike Maduegbuna, allows users to watch movie trailers, music videos, and concert videos; catch up on the latest entertainment news; follow movies, shows, and celebrities; share thoughts via a host of social networking sites; and discover and review movies and music videos.

5. M Farm App

M Farm App

M-Farm  app is a transparency tool that allows farmers to access information about retail price of products, purchase goods directly from manufacturers, and get in contact with potential buyers. M-Farm gives a voice to farmers in rural areas by eliminating the need for a middleman, thus ensuring that prices are more fair for everyone involved. To use the app, farmers simply send a text message to 3555 using an SMS service.

6. Ushahidi App

Download Here

Ushahidi App

Ushahidi is a web and mobile platform that allows you to create, visualize and share stories on a map. It allows you to share your stories on your own terms using the tools they already have. Ushahidi is free and open source software, so anyone can get involved by having Ushahidi. This tool works offline too

Besides these 6 African helps there are also other apps that help people like m Pedigree app that protects consumers from the issue of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and Esoko that helps in agriculture.