5 Tip to Save Money in Las Vegas Casino

In your next visit to Las Vegas, saving money should be something you’re interested in. Even if you have a good budget, every dollar you save on your trip is an extra dollar you can use to try and win big at the tables.

Save Money in Las Vegas Casino

If you’re serious to know 5 tips to Save Money in Las Vegas Casino, check out the quick and functional tips we have for you listed below.

1. Plan the dates of your trip beforehand

Plan the dates of your trip beforehand
Plan the dates of your trip beforehand

The prices of everything in Las Vegas keeps changing a lot. This includes hotels, car rentals, show tickets, and more. Based on several different factors surrounding your trip, the overall cost can vary by a few hundred to several thousand dollars. So, there are 6 tips to Save Money in Las Vegas Casino?

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Better not to go to Vegas on particular dates for an event set in stone. You can shop around with options, but the prices are going to be pretty set for you. If you are flexible with dates, you can save money.

First, the time of year or season that you visit Vegas is important. If you come in the summer when it’s really hot, you’re going to get much cheaper rates.

Keep in mind, though, this is because most people don’t want to come when it is 120 degrees outside. But that’s what swimming pools and air conditioning are made for.

Next, stay away from major holidays, events, and conferences. Anytime there is huge rust of people into Las Vegas, prices are going to rise. It should be pretty easy for you to know when major holidays are.

The city hosts major conferences that can have thousands of people coming into the city without you even knowing. The best way to check rates is to look at hotel room prices for different times of the year. If they are high, then something is probably going on.

Start looking at hotel rates for those time frames. Find the time that the room rates are the cheapest. All of the other prices in town are going to follow suit.

2. Have cash with you

Have cash with you
Have cash with you

The ATM fees in Las Vegas are comical at best. If you find a “cheap” one, you’re going to be paying $5 per transaction. Some ATMs on casino floors will have fees as high as $20! You do run a bit higher risk carrying a lot of cash, but it’s is also has some reward of escaping high fees.

If you’re safe and accountable, save yourself a few bucks by bringing cash with you from home. Ensure that cash is there in your room, though.

3. Use Uber, Lyft, and public transportation

Use Uber, Lyft, and public transportation
Use Uber, Lyft, and public transportation

How you get around town can impact your overall Las Vegas budget. The best way is to choose a hotel close to everything you want to do. Even if the hotel is a few bucks extra, you might save in your overall costs as it cuts down on travel.

If you do have to go places close to Las Vegas, remember that you have more options than just taxis. Services like Uber and Lyft are massive in this town and their rates are much cheaper than taxis. The only times that the rates get anywhere close to comparable are in times of surge pricing.

You will also find some great public transportation available in Las Vegas. Opt for double-decker buses that run up and down the Strip all day and are only a few bucks. A monorail to the east side of the Strip is also available which is a quick way to get from place to place.

The public transportation in Las Vegas is clean, safe, and used by a lot of tourists. And don’t forget, you can also walk if you want!

4. Visit a grocery or liquor store

Visit a grocery or liquor store
Visit a grocery or liquor store

If you want to drink it can be costly. Getting $9 beers will be considered cheap. Nightclubs are going to have Bud Lights for around $18. Better to take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to a close liquor store or grocery store. Go for the one that is off the Strip, so you aren’t still getting hit with tourist pricing.

Get sufficient alcohol for the trip and you can make drinks for way cheaper in your room.

You can also pick up some snacks and water while you are at the grocery store. A popular trip is to pick up cereal and fruit for breakfast, so you get one meal that you’re not having to pay Vegas prices for. Get some lunch also if you want to save.

If you have a fridge in your room, you can stock up on some bread and lunch meat and make sandwiches every day. This will help you enjoy a fancy Vegas dinner without breaking the bank or having to eat out for three meals plus snacks every day.

Get plenty of jugs of water. The water in some Vegas hotel rooms is like $10 a bottle or something crazy like that. It is great to make a quick trip to a grocery store. It’s the ultimate Las Vegas pro tip.

5. Transport things to tour hotel ahead of time

Transport things to tour hotel ahead of time
Transport things to tour hotel ahead of time

You can have snacks, drinks, alcohol, and anything else to save money on shipping to your hotel to arrive on the day you check in through amazon. This is one of the 5 tips to Save Money in Las Vegas Casino.

Some hotels will even hold the packages for you for some time if they arrive early. We would recommend asking the hotel about the policy on holding packages early is before doing so.

Get at least a few days which would be ideal. Do make sure you tip a few bucks when you retrieve your boxes.


These are some of the budget-friendly 5 tips to Save Money in Las Vegas Casino. If you will follow you will be able to save money on your trip next to Vegas.

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