5 Things You Never Knew About Roulette

If you think you are aware of all the ins and outs of roulette, think twice. There are many things that you might not be aware of apart from swallowing up players’ money and handing out life-changing prizes at will.

Roulette has an in-depth history, and it is such a game that has remained as it is without any change since years and centuries. Let’s find out those five interesting facts about your favorite game roulette that you might not be aware of!

1. Multiple History

The name “roulette” in fact comes from the French word which means ‘little wheel’. Although it is thought to have been inspired by French physicist Blaise Pascal’s efforts to develop a wheel that could display perpetual motion. Many believe that roulette is thought to have been derived from an English game called, ‘Roly Poly’. So the speculations are many!

2. The Number Puzzles

The roulette wheel is often termed as the ‘Devil’s Wheel’, probably due to its frequency to push players to hell (or at least, their credit ratings). The numbers on a wheel add up to 666 which is the number of the Beast.

Initially, numbers were placed on a wheel randomly to avoid cheating and the problem of ‘biased wheels’ which favored one side or the other.

3. James Bond was Big Roulette Player

I am sure you do not know that James Bond, 007, was a big roulette player. Although he never played the game in the movies and his lucky number was 17. He has his own betting approach which is called ‘two dozen’.

You too can try out this two dozen system, chances are it may leave you broke short-term, it’s still a worth trying system when playing online American Roulette games.

4. A Man Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo

Once in 1873, a person named Joseph Jagger used his assistants to find out the defects that roulette wheels had in casinos and used this information to get the benefits. After many years, inspired by Jagger’s tale, Charles Deville Wells broke Monte Carlo with a bankroll of just $6,000 by notching up 23 spins in a row at a high rollers’ casino.

5. The Man Broke the Bank for his Business Publicity

In 2009, a businessman, Ashley Revell sold out all his possessions and put the lot on Red in a Vegas casino. The specialty about this bet was that his entire possessions were worth a staggering $136,000, and he had risked it all on a single spin of a roulette wheel.

Fortunately, his number came up and he used his winnings to establish a betting company. Later on, it was suspected that the whole thing was a publicity stunt to promote Revell’s new business. Isn’t it a great way to market?


Had you known it all earlier? Maybe or maybe not! So, friends, I hope you found the above-listed facts about roulette interesting and amazing also!