5 Startling Facts about Craps

Craps is one of the world’s most popular dice gameplay that is available at every land/based casino and online. This is a game of pure chance and is loved by everyone all over the world. Let’s find out some interesting and amazing facts about the game of crap!

Facts about Craps Game

1. It has a History of Medieval Times

Facts about Craps

Originally the craps game was known as Hazard which dates back to the Crusades!  After continued evolution, this game made its way to America via French and British immigrants.

Eventually, the name craps derive from the French crapaud, which means toad, which could be referring people as they squat down to shoot dice on the streets when craps tables were not available.

2. The longest Caps Dice Roll Lasted for 4 hour

The longest Caps Dice Roll Lasted for 4 hour

It is a record in the name of a New Jersey grandmother Patricia Demauro who beat the one-in-a-1.56 trillion odds of rolling a pair of dice 154 consecutive times at the craps table.

At Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa with her a friend, Demauro got tired of working the penny slots and decided to shoot some dice at the craps table. After four hours and 18 minutes, she was still sending the dice flying having become obviously immune to “sevening out” in that point in time.

This event created quite a stir after a crowd of people formed around her to witness the miracle as she rolled every combination possible except a seven. When she finally stopped, Demauro admitted to a woman standing next to her that she didn’t know how to play the game! Isn’t it crazy?

3. Four People Required to Manage Craps Tables

Four People Required to Manage Craps Tables

Craps tables are mostly the most popular game in the casino, with plenty of people playing it, some playing and some just enjoying the show. Do you know craps tables are also exclusive and need more dealers to manage them? This is the reason you find fewer craps tables at a casino compared to other table games!

Actually, there are four casino staffs standing around a craps table. There’s the box person who keeps track of the outcome of every roll and monitors the chips being passed around, two dealers place bets on the table and push chips to and fro, along with a stickman who gives the dice to the players and takes care of the bets placed at the centre of the table.

4. Scary Number Seven

Scary Number Seven

It has some very interesting superstitions associated with this game, like throwing a penny under the table or getting a lady to blow on the dice to bring good luck.

It is mostly associated with number sever, which is both the most favored and scary number in the game. Player often do not spell number seven and prefer to call it ‘it’ or the devil” while playing.

5. Biggest Money Records of the Game

Biggest Money Records of the Game

A man managed to turn a $17 million fortune into a whopping $40 million over a period of several months betting on craps in the mid-1990s, often betting as much as a hundred grand on one roll. In 1980 when William Lee Bergstrom wagered $777,000 and won on the ‘don’t pass’ line, it became the most daring bets ever placed at craps.


If you are a beginner, it actually could be quite intimidating to stand at the
craps table as there are a number of bets you can wager and new language to learn. Do not worry! You can learn it all online and play for real money craps betting online. That will assist you to play at the higher stakes tables in a real casino with confidence.

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