5 Best Places to Eat and Drink in Johannesburg

Food is a pleasure that almost every human on this planet finds satisfaction in experiencing. The eclectic food stalls and cafes in Johannesburg is about finding happiness and pleasure in food. These stalls are spread across suburbs and myriad districts for people’s content. Below are some places in Johannesburg where you can experience enthralling cuisines and delicacies:

1. Melville

Located at the 7th Street, Melville is a spot that already has been popular for night outs however it may be a little less gung-ho than its counterparts, The Parks. Adjacent to Braamfontein, Melville is best known for bar-hopping, friendly masses, and bohemian eateries. The Great Eastern Food Bar, Pulp Fiction and Ant Café are highly recommended by us.

2. Rosebank

Rosebank has a street setting to it and pedestrians have a good time enjoying the food stalls and cafes over here to their fullest. Situated along the Rosebank Towers, Rosebank is a popular part of the town due to the markets over here. Shopping lovers are frequently to be found in a place like this. In contrast, the nightlife here is also very rejuvenating and stargazing. The Rosebank Sunday markets dominate at weekends on Sunday and new additions have also been made to the place like a new cocktail bar and food stalls in general.

3. Greenside

Riddled between the Parks, Greenside is one of the most soothing places to have a meal and hang out. He intricate elusiveness of nature hardly describes it as a farm and the resemblance to any country living is absent. The Jozi Real Food Market and its artisan food stalls, however, are something to be amused about the country living setting.

4. The Parks

The Parktown North, Parkview, and the Parkhurst are collectively known as the Parks. Each of them delivering their way of high street restaurant hospitality, the landscape, however, is entirely covered in trees. The people, however, are complete of the concrete build and hence the area also surrounds cars and automobiles. The village setting to these suburbs makes the area perfect for its high popularity in Johannesburg.

5. Auckland Park

Auckland Park is located somewhere around a koppie, located at the SABC tower and the University of Johannesburg campus. 44 Stanley Avenue is located around Mill Park where you can find varieties of shops and restaurants in an eco-friendly outdoor center. You can consider it as a mall shopping without the mall i.e., without any fluorescent lights or any mass-produced merchandise. The food over here is impeccable.