4 Popular Foods to Try in Cape Town

South African cuisine is diverse and influenced by a variety of cultures, including indigenous, Dutch, French, Indian, and Malaysian. Cape Town is also home to a number of world-renowned restaurants and has become a destination for foodies.

It’s like absolute foodgasm on the streets in Cape Town with delicacies such as gin, home fermentation, veldkos, ancient grains and a bunch of other things to consume.

It is obvious, you can’t stop drooling over the cuisines and you won’t be able to stop canoodling over it. Hence, below are some food trends you need to know about during your time in Cape Town.

1. Fermentation

Popular Foods to Try in Cape Town
Fermented Food

The trend in the streets that is ongoing is fermentation. Gone are the days when you were adding turmeric for smoothies, making your raw milk kefir, or growing your kombucha. The new trend is microbiome things that are a major pleasure for the gut.

So you will be able to enjoy kimchi on the menu and sauerkraut as well with your more-than-average German sausage.

Other restaurants are namely Kloof Street’s Wellness Warehouse, the Observatory in Woodstock, and the City Bowl.

2. Foraging


You can follow your gut and eat healthy with the Newlands’ forest mushrooms, search for kelp through the beaches of Scarborough, and walk through the pavements for nutritious and bitter herbs and wild fruits. Or you can fill your gut with edible, heavenly, and mouth-watering food made by the best of the chefs looking for provisions.

Certain restaurants to name where you can find such succulent food are the La Colombe in Constantia, the Chef’s Warehouse on Bree Street, and the Test Kitchen in Woodstock.

3. Matcha


You might have noticed the fairly green color of tea. It is due to a green tea powder from Japan. But this powder isn’t only limited to the drinks.

Many chefs at high-end restaurants are trying to scoop it in smoothies, high-protein vegetable burgers, ice-creams, and unusual dishes where such powder isn’t expected much.

This is a commendable blend and variety of new cuisines that come out with new eclectic ideas from such world-class chefs.

You can easily find such artistry at Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour, Long Street, De Waterkant’s Loading Bay, O’ways Teacafe in Claremont, Mugg, and Bean anywhere, Scheckter’s Raw in Sea Point.

4. Food in a Bowl

Buddha Bowl
Food in Bowl

The popularity of Bowl food around the globe is ginormous. People are head over heels for a dish full of vegetables, whole grains, and protein.

The Buddha Bowl being a derivative of this cuisine is a hotch-potch of foods like quinoa, sweet potatoes, avocados, and grilled vegetables.

The amount of nutrition you get from this bowl is sufficient for healthy living. So you can say that basically, it is the era of Bowled foods because everyone is head over heels for this type of delicacy which is not only delicious but also, healthy.

You can find Bowl foods in places like Dear Me in the City Bowl, Sexy Food, and Bowl in Woodstock in Cape Town.

Also, South Africa is known for its wine and produces a wide variety of red and white wines, which are enjoyed by many South Africans and visitors.

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