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10 Amazing Local Multiplayer Games for Android to Play in 2021

10 Amazing Local Multiplayer Games for Android to Play in 2021

With the big pandemic of coronavirus spreading between the general community, people have been acclaimed to stay indoors. A little boredom is a given in such a situation. However, thank the god of gaming that there are plenty of Android games with which you can pass the time. When it comes down to video games the best way to experience them is with friends.

The excitement of playing with friends is surreal. There are two kinds of multiplayer video games. One requires the internet and the other does not. One needs multiple devices to play on and the other needs only one. The quality of the games may not be as high as you think while searching for good multiplayer games hence below is a list of the best multiplayer Android games that can help you pass time with your friends:


Price: Free / Up to $3.99


One of the few games with local multiplayer support, BADLAND is a classic platformer game. Four players can accommodate on a single device while playing it. Other features of the game include full controller support, support for Android TV, cloud saving, a level editor, and highly speculated graphics. Hence it becomes one of the best local multiplayer games played on a device. The platformer element is a bit unique for local multiplayer games although it will be easy enough to get your friends into it. It might be kicking the bucket by now still the developers apply all their efforts to keep the game young.


2. BombSquad

Price: Free


A party style game for the people with lots of explosions and ragdoll physics BombSquad is a multiplayer game recommendation from one of our readers. Eight participants can play this game at once where for the battle of supremacy they all try to bomb each other. The game can be played with hardware controllers and also on Android TV. The remote control app helps the players to play the game on Android TV without the need to buy a controller. Besides advertising the game is completely free.


3. Chess by AI Factory Limited

Price: Free / $0.99


One of the most popular multiplayer IRL games, Chess can be played in Android devices as well as PCs. Produced by the AI Factory Limited this game did not pull its punches with its amazing graphics, board themes, controls, as well as single-player modes, and many other ways to play. This also includes the feature of the pass and play local multiplayer. The free version comes with the advertising however the pro version is advertisement free.


4. Crossy Road

Price: Free to play

Crossy Road

It is a popular local multiplayer game ever. Similar to generation’s Frogger, you can navigate a chicken through traffic, over streams, and other places avoiding hindrances. The game features Android TV support, controller support, and local multiplayer support. You need to have your device. You just have to connect over a local WiFi network. This makes it immensely popular. The drawback is that it is freemium. You have to unlock playable characters.


5. DUAL!

Price: Free / $1.99


This is an exclusive local multiplayer game somewhat similar to classic Pong. You have to bounce and shoot stuff on your screen. The bullets and objects will leave your screen and enter the other player’s screen.

You can also play this game completely offline via Bluetooth. You can duel one another or play co-op against AI bad guys. It’s easy to play the game. It’s cheap, child-friendly, and it even has achievements and stats.


6. The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

Price: $6.99

This game is a prison escape game with some strategy elements. You need to lead the life of a prisoner, collect various items, craft more items, and try to manipulate a prison break. This game features ten prison scenarios, including women’s prisons as well as men’s.

You can play this game with up to three of your friends in local multiplayer mode and plan to prison break together. You will have an above-average multiplayer experience and it’s a single price tag without any in-app purchases.


7. Farming Simulator 18

Price: $4.99 with in-app purchases

Farming Simulator 18

Farming Simulator 18 is a bit of a surprise for a list like this. The game is a farming simulator with over 50 farming vehicles, various crops to crow, and all different types of stuff to do. You can play with people over the local multiplayer. You and your friends can all manage the same farm. Connect over WiFi or Bluetooth and everybody hangs out on the same farm to do their tasks. It’s a cheap game and it’s something different in this space.


8. Gunstar Heroes

Price: Free / $1.99

Farming Simulator 18

This classic game is a port of the popular SEGA Genesis game with the same name. Being an action platformer game with shooter elements as well, you play levels, beat the bad guys, and save the day. SEGA ported this one directly and have done a great job.

This game supports hardware controllers and also local multiplayer over WiFi. It’s a small game, however, the game is entirely free. But you can also get ads or ad-free for a single $1.99 purchase. Often the software controls act weirdly, but it’s otherwise a fantastic retro platformer.


9. Minecraft

Price: $6.99 with in-app purchases


Minecraft is one of the most popular local multiplayer games. You enter into a world and do all kinds of stuff there. This has a single-player and multiplayer options. You need to create your servers where friends can also play. Also, you can buy a server from Microsoft and everyone plays there.

It also supports cross-platform with Windows and Xbox versions of the game. It can be judged as the best local multiplayer game as you can play whole worlds there across multiple game sessions.


10. Riptide GP: Renegade

Price: $2.99

Riptide GP: Renegade

This is one of the most popular local multiplayer game for race fans. It features wave runner racing. It also has a fairly deep career mode, online multiplayer, and split-screen multiplayer support. This allows playing four players due to the split-screen multiplayer option on the same device.

You need four controllers to make it work. This is a home run game with great graphics and mechanics. You can have it for 2.99 which is much cheaper than its launch price. It is not free to play.



These are some of the most popular and amazing local multiplayer games that you must try at home in 2020.